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Summer Sleep Tips from Jo Tantum

Summer sleeping tips for when you are out and about from leading sleep expert Jo Tantum.
As summer has finally arrived you will be going out in the sunshine more to BBQ’s , picnics and holidays.Here are some tips to help your little one still sleep well on the move-
1.If you are travelling in the car for awhile try and organise your little ones nap on the car journey.A few car journeys won’t alter your little ones sleep that much.
2.It’s always best to arrange breaks for leg stretching/nappy and toilet stops as well as meals.
3.If you are flying to get to your holiday destination try and work out your little ones naps and feeds around the plane journey and stick to them as much as possible.Babies and toddlers get cranky and have meltdowns when they are tired and hungry.So take lots of snacks.
4.If you are staying out for a late evening or all day at a party or BBQ then take a travel cot or bassinet so your baby can have more restful sleep away from the heat and the noise.
If you want your little one to stay up later on holiday ,weekend away,if you are going out for Lunch or in the evening and you are taking your baby then here are a few tips-

5.Having another nap later in the afternoon will mean they will be happier to stay awake later, rather than having a meltdown.
6.Babies body clocks work on a 12 hour day and 12 hour night.So If you usually have to wake them in the morning let them stay asleep and bedtime will be naturally later. i.e 8am -8pm.This really works well on holiday as you don’t have to change their routine.
7.When you go out for the lunch /evening at a restaurant/BBQ then make sure your little one has their sleep triggers.Blackout for the pram-a snoozeshade (www.snoozeshade.com) is fantastic.Wave or womb sounds on an app on your phone (put on aeroplane mode!)Or use a myhummy-(www.myhummy.co.uk)this will drown out the sounds of other people,and music .A muslin comforter and lovely cotton blanket if it’s cool.

Try not to get too rigid with a routine when you are out enjoying yourself in the sun.Nap times in the pram for a day doesn’t mean they will stop napping in their cot at home.
If they stay up later one evening doesn’t mean they will not go to bed on time the next night. Try and be a little more flexible but watch for their usual tired and hunger signs so they don’t have to get upset before you realise they need a nap.
Have a lovely summer out and about!!


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