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Splasher to Swimmer

I felt like a complete failure as I didn’t enrol Minime into baby swimming and once he had turned four I started to panic that he would be the only one at school that couldn’t swim.

I have taken him to the pool lots and lots and he swam (splashed) around lots on holiday but I really wanted him to learn to swim.

After a huge amount of research, phone calls and a wait list, I finally enrolled him in EMSA  and managed to secure a weekly group lesson at a beautiful pool nestled in the grounds of a private school.

At our first lesson Minime was so excited he didn’t even create a fuss about putting on the swim cap or goggles much to my surprise and I was delighted that the lessons are extremely intimate with five children and two teachers in the pool.

Fast forward to lesson 12 and Minime is now so confident at putting his head into the water and blowing bubbles, possibly a little too enthusiastic as he has tried this trick in a fish tank and almost in the wishing lake at Legoland!

He is now swimming with the noodle a whole length and his confidence in the water has improved 100%. The teachers at EMSA are patient and encourage the children to participate in every element to the best of their ability and treat each child as an individual.

I am looking forward to watching the Splasher to Swimming journey with Minime and when I take him to the local pool with his trusted noodle– thank you to Decathalon he tells me what he should and should not be doing just as he does in his lessons.

Parents, do not worry if you haven’t started swimming lessons with your child as it is never too late to start.
Thank you EMSA

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: June 26, 2017 | Posted in: MINI ME

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