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Spring self-care routines

Spring is in the air, the daffodils and crocuses are on display and there is no better time to start your self-care routines. Life can be very tiring and after the darkness of winter it is really time to start looking after ourselves both mentally and physically. There are a number of ways to start with self-care including some me-time; reading a book to your children (or yourself) every night; taking a walk outside; getting a good nights sleep in a comfortable bed; having a digital detox and cooking some healthy meals.

Self-Care Ideas To Help You Celebrate Springtime

Get outside

Fresh air does us all the world of good, whether you head to a park with the children, take a walk to the woods, stroll along the beach or just get out in your garden, all of that extra vitamin D will do your mental health and physical health so much good. It is also a great time to start sorting out your garden and planting some bulbs.

Spring cleaning

A clean house creates a tidy and happy mind. Spring is a great time to clear out any old junk, donate things to charity or have a car boot sale. Give your rooms a good clean, tidy those cupboards or give the walls a lick of paint. You could even try moving your furniture round for a change. It all helps to make you feel happier.

Get some sleep

Some of us struggle with sleep, especially is we have young children who may not be sleeping well throughout the night. Getting fresh air during the day, having a relaxing bath, using essential oils and making sure your mattress and bedding are comfortable and warm are all ways you can try and get some good shut eye.
Here are some of my top sleep tips:
  • Turn the TV off or better still don’t have a TV in the bedroom- you can easily create a poor sleep association which means you can’t fall asleep without the TV bring on.
  • Put down the phone! If you are struggling to drop off or stay asleep through the night it could be down to excessive blue light exposure from your device.
  • Leave a pen and pencil by the bed in case you need a make a note of something.
  • Bedding makes a difference! Good quality cotton bedding with a high thread count really does aid relaxation and a good nights sleep.
  • Try to stay away from a bedroom that is too hot- ideally 18-20 degrees is ideal. I personally prefer to have fresh air in my bedroom whenever I can. Making it too hot although cosy can lead to night time waking.
  • If you are a new parent remember that babies should be in your room for the first 6 months, I suggest using a next to me sleeper and always follow the lullaby trust safer sleep guidelines.

Colourful flowers

Nothing says Springtime more than a vase of fresh and bright flowers. Go for sunny colours and seasonal flowers to brighten your room. Daffodils are a very cheap and cheerful option and lilies add a lovely scent that lasts for days.

Have a treat

Treating yourself or your children always feels amazing. Whether that be a new item of clothing, having your hair done or a bar of your favourite chocolate – it will bring you that feel-good factor.

Get cooking

Spring brings with it plenty of fresh produce. Get in the kitchen and prepare some healthy spring recipes with lots of seasonal vegetables that all of the family will enjoy. Colourful veggies are appealing to look at and will leave you having so much more energy.

Pamper everybody

Set up a little indoor spa. Start with a shower or a bubbly bath, then use a moisturiser, cut some cucumber slices and lay down on the sofa with some of your favourite music. Make your favourite drink and just spend a couple of hours relaxing – switch off your phone to avoid distractions.

Read a book

Cosy up under a blanket with a good book and a cup of tea or if it is a sunny day sit outside and soak in the rays. You can really escape and lose yourself in a book and it also forces you to slow right down. Children also love being read to, so cosy up together in bed and enjoy a lovely story.

Go somewhere new

Have you seen a coffee shop you’d like to try out or is there a place you have always fancied visiting? Give everybody a break from the norm and take some time out. Whether you are enjoying a hot chocolate and some people watching or a trip to a new park or a farm, everybody will feel fulfilled having been somewhere different. Sometimes a little bit of escapism is all that is needed.

Digital Detox

She says this whilst typing on a laptop. I am equally guilty of scrolling through social media every 10 minutes. Maybe try and only check your phone for a certain time each day. Avoid scrolling at night time – especially before bed as it is so easy to get engrossed in what is going on in everybody else’s lives. It can often leave us feeling deflated and inadequate and that isn’t healthy for our minds.

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: March 8, 2022 | Posted in: NURSERY & BABY

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