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Baba West Brand Special


Today we are going to find out more about the brand Baba West a collaboration between Zita West and Laura Bamford. Mother of three, Leonora Bamford, launched parenting website Mybaba.com after the birth of her first child. Ten years on and My Baba has grown into one of the UK’s leading pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle platforms for mums and mums to be, that offers a wealth of information and professional advice.

For many years I have been recommending clients to Zita West and have been met with positive reviews and amazing outcomes. I have used the Babawest items alongside my clients and I am so impressed. The snuffle pillow mist is a firm favourite not only to help with snuffles but also as a “sleep spray” for those children I am working with who are having problems with sleep, it’s a fantastic sleep association for those who struggle to relax at bedtime.

Zita West, mother and grandmother, is founder of Zita West Clinic in London’s Marylebone. Zita has helped 1000’s of couples get pregnant each year both naturally and through IVF. Her speciality is a holistic approach focusing on mind, body and spirit which she uses as a practising midwife, acupuncturist and author of 13 books. Zita has her own range of vitamin supplements to support female and male fertility, as well as pregnancy.

Leonora says: “Zita has always been my guardian angel. After suffering from an ectopic pregnancy, I went to see her after being told I would never be able to conceive naturally and she took one look at me and said everything would be fine. Fast forward one year and I was standing in her clinic once again, babe in arms, asking her advice on children’s probiotics following my child being on a course of antibiotics. Her answer was, “why don’t we make a really good one?!”

“Two years later, we had our multivitamins and multibiotic powder for sale and it’s flying off the shelves! Gut health has always been hugely important to me and like every mother, I just wanted to do the best for my baby. We have been overwhelmed by the success of the product over the past few years and always love listening to the feedback to find out exactly what our customers want. I am really excited to unveil some new additions to our line which include Vitamin D for infants and children, Infant Probiotics and Omega drops for children.”

Here are just a few of our favourite products from Baba West:


Sleep mist

This calming blend of Lavender and Frankincense oils will soothe your baby so that they can get an uninterrupted sleep. Simply spritz this soothing sleep spray at an arm’s length onto bedding, pyjamas, or a muslin cloth and allow to dry before putting your little one to bed.

Suitable for children 6 months+

Contains English countryside Lavender Oil, research shows can reduce anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness

Majorana Oil to help induce sleep

Frankincense Oil to help relieve stress and promote relaxation



Lynosleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream

Baba West has teamed up with the award-winning skincare brand Lyonsleaf to bring you a 100% natural and effective zinc and calendula cream for the whole family. This formulation provides a breathable, protective and moisture repellent barrier to shield and protect baby bottoms and working hands from moisture-associated skin damage. Calendula is great for any skin in need of TLC, while zinc is effective in protecting against moisture damage, especially under a nappy.


Junior Vitamin D Oral Spray 3-12 years 

Children from age 3 to their school years go through a tremendous amount of change developmentally and cognitively. Racing around building strong bones and muscles, while learning many new skills means the importance of Vitamin D still prevails. Vitamin D is associated with immune and gut health which is never more important than in these early years of building their immunity.


Restore & Renew Aromatherapy Oil for Mum

There’s nothing quite like sinking into the comforting and calming warmth of a bath to soothe your muscles, whether that be during pregnancy, labour or postnatally. This special aromatherapy blend is rich in lavender which helps you to relax your mind and body and in turn helps with anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and body aches.

Snuffle Pillow Mist

No baby is happy when they are all bunged up. This natural solution is a gentle yet effective mix of essential oils with anti-viral and antibacterial properties to help relieve blocked and runny noses. Enriched with Eucalyptus, Pine and Thyme oils for your baba.

Suitable for children 6 months+

Containing natural anti-inflammatory Eucalyptus to decrease mucus and expand the bronchi and bronchioles of the lung


Children’s Multivitamin and Multibiotic Powder

A clever combination of important vitamins, minerals and friendly microflora specifically formulated for children aged 12 months to 12 years. Take once a day, mixed with water, milk or juice or sprinkled onto yogurt or cereal.

However, any supplement is only as good as a child’s willingness to take it and parents know that children can be finicky about the taste no matter how nutritious. This is why their multibiotic formula comes in a delicious powder form and contains a mix of vitamins, minerals and probiotics, with a natural berry flavour.

Find out more about the Baba West brand and their products on their website.

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