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Luxury Outdoor Living

luxury outdoor living

Lets face it, we all need something to look forward to this year and with the uncertainty surrounding if we will be leaving British soil – there is only one thing, we need to make our garden summer ready!

Outdoor living can be a space, not only to relax and enjoy outdoor food, it can also be a place for working from home, reflection and relaxation or a multi-purpose space for you and your children.

With endless options of how to create your outdoor living space, the first thing is looking at how much space you have and how to best use it.

My preference is to split areas up in your mind and visual the following areas:

Food and drink: There are endless options to food and drinking areas in your outdoor space, do you want a bar? Do you want it in the main food and drink area? An outdoor grill/pizza oven are fantastic allowing you to cook more than regular bbq food. I like to spilt my eating area as much as possible, small adult only bar snack area and then family dining area.

Relaxation: My main focus for relaxation is comfortable multifunctional seating with an additional option to lie down and meditate. Think about adding a water feature as they known to actually lower your blood pressure and improve your mental and physical health. I try to use neutral colours with either heavy knitted or fluffy throws.

Productivity: With many of us working from home either by choice or due to Corona, an area for productivity separate from the main space is great – think about choosing an area away from the kids, with an inspirational view and of course don’t forget that you will need shade for your screen and electrical points for your devices.

In my opinion you cannot go wrong with Luxury rattan furniture, not only is it super stylish, it is very hard wearing, easy to care for and gives you endless possibilities for your outdoor living area. There are so many options such as day beds, chaise lounges, sofa style furniture and multifunction seating.

Outdoor living accessories

You can get an awesome selection of accessories to complement your outdoor living space, below is my top five:

Outdoor rugs: these can really make your outdoor space stand out

Outdoor sideboards: excellent for cutlery, condiments and board games 

Outdoor Poufs: perfect for a tired pair of legs or an additional guest to sit on

Outdoor pillows: rest your head on a comfortable pillow that you can leave our overnight 

Outdoor lighting: this can include a wide selection of LED, solar and tradition sources

Kid crazy:

If you want relaxation the best solution is to keep the kids entertained! My suggestion is to create a kids section and to split the areas into:

Educational: Think about adding a mud garden, an area for a tough tray- these can provide hours of learning through play

Relaxation: Mini day beds with 100% shade fun an afternoon nap

Physical: Play frames, swings, assault courses, outdoor mini gym – there are endless possibilities


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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: January 29, 2021 | Posted in: LUXE

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