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How to combat this winter like a VIP

In Your Element

Are you needing a bit of escapism? Do you feel a bit burnt out by all the New Year expectations? If so, this article is for you!

January is always a time when we need a bit of escapism, the dark nights can be difficult, especially now, when it’s not possible to travel anywhere. The first month of the year can also cause us to put a lot of pressure on ourselves with goal setting and feeling the need to do endless workouts, especially when all we might want to do is hibernate until the sun comes back out! This can all lead to us feeling burnt-out and fed-up and lockdown especially can leave us feeling like we should be ‘doing’ all the time instead of ‘being.’

If this is resonating with you, there’s a solution you can try because January is also a great month to reflect on your wellbeing, to check in with yourself and to take some much needed ‘me-time’. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to take the pressure off, put down that to-do list and just ‘be’. We’ve found a way you can look after your mental and physical health, without all the pressure, that makes you feel great and lets you travel the world at the same time, ticking off that escapism box, whilst making you feel like a VIP, and it’s called In Your Element On Demand.

In Your Element On Demand is a VIP pass, for businesses, to a global wellness festival. It was founded by Krista Madden who launched Monaco’s first ‘In Your Element’ wellness festival in 2019 and when it couldn’t take place the following year due to the pandemic, she pivoted the whole festival online creating the On Demand version, an online wellness video platform. It offers over 150 bespoke videos, showcasing inspirational content by professional wellness experts, coaches and trainers from all over the world. It allows the In Your Element On Demand community to discover new areas of self-care as it covers everything from yoga, Qigong and reflexology to nutrition advice and inspiring talks, all split into four relatable “Elements” – Air, Fire, Water and Earth. 

Whilst you benefit mentally and physically from this global wellness network you also get to travel the world. Here’s where your In Your Element membership could take you and some top facts about those areas… 

Costa Rica 

If you want to take a pilates class in paradise you only need to head to In Your Element On Demand for a VIP session with the incredible Maddy Karlsson and who wouldn’t want to work out looking at stunning view?


  • Nicoya, on Costa Rica’s western coast is a well-known “Blue Zone”, a place where a large number of people are living to be at least 100 with healthy, active and happy lives. 
  • Costa Rica contains 5% of the world’s biodiversity. 
  • Costa Rica generates more than 99% of its electricity using renewable energy.

(Maddy Karlsson, pilates, In Your Element on Demand)


You can head to the famous Pikes Hotel in Ibiza, known for Freddie Mercury’s legendary parties and Wham!’s Club Tropicana music video, to learn all about making tasty tapas and healthy cocktails with Ibiza guru Tess Prince.

(Tess Prince, Love Food Ibiza, In Your Element On Demand)


  • In Ibiza, there is sunshine for 10 hours a day, 300 days per year.
  • The water around the island is so clear because of Neptune grass, seaweed that keeps the water clean and pure.
  • The ground on Ibiza is orange. This is because of the pine trees that grow across the island. When their needles fall, the tannins within seep into the ground, dying it the distinctive orange colour.


You’ll probably agree that Bali is a fabulous location to take a yoga class. Julia Cobban, yoga teacher and mentor gives In Your Element On Demand’s workshops the perfect backdrop. She believes that movement practices are meant to be fully embodied and that they have the capacity to create change within us, above and beyond just the physical, when they are. 


  • Bali is in the ‘Coral Triangle’, positioned right in the middle of the world’s richest waters for corals and sealife.
  • Bali has one of the world’s highest densities of spas, there are around 1,200 spas across the island.
  • Bali is known for its stunning white sand beaches and thanks to the active volcanoes on Bali, there are beaches that have pure black sand too.

(Julia Cobban, Yoga Teacher, In Your Element On Demand)


So we’ve seen yoga in Costa Rica, cooking in Ibiza, pilates in Bali and what better way to end your ‘me time’ than in Mexico, with some wisdom from modern healer Alice May. Her workshop covers co-dependency in relationships. 


  • Mexico is home to the world’s smallest volcano called, Cuexcomate.
  • Many believe the oldest city in North America is St. Augustine, but Mexico City was actually founded a little over 40 years before it in 1521.
  • Mexico City was built by the Spaniards on the ancient ruins of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlán.

Now this sounds like our sort of “workout”. To get your boss onboard and to get a business membership visit: In Your Element On Demand

(Jasmine Hemsley, sound bath In Your Element Festival)

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