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Declutter your home

Declutter your home

Clutter! Definition “(a lot of objects in) a state of being untidy

Examples: Sorry about the clutter in the kitchen/ My desk is covered in/full of clutter.

Not only can clutter make your home untidy, it can also make your life miserable by living in mess and not knowing where things are. Just take a moment to think about the last time you said “where did I put that?” It’s frustrating when you can’t find a space for new items and especially with more of us working from home, you might find yourself needing to free up space for a home office.

Top ten reason to declutter?

*Reduces stress and anxiety 

*Helps with mental clarity

*Boosts creativity and productivity 

*Reduces dust and allergens 

*Retrieve lost items 

*Looks presentable on zoom meetings

*Saves time

*Helps you sleep better

*Move on from the past

*Saves money 

What do you need to declutter?

Time: This is down to personal preference as some people like to do bit by bit, a little each day or if you are like me and once you get something into your head- you just do it, then it could take a couple of long days. 

Storage: Depending on the amount of clutter, you might need to consider alternative storage as don’t be too hasty at throwing all your things away. Magenta self storage could be the option, you can rent as much or as little space as you need and go back and collect any items whenever you desire.

Help: This could be in the physical sense of having an extra pair of hands or someone to come and take your donations to the charity of your choice. It could also be emotional help, someone at the end of the phone if you get overwhelmed-it’s perfectly normal.

Bin bags: These are going to become your best friend, chose a sturdy good quality bin bag and use one for rubbish and one for donations. Just to give you an idea, I got through 43 big bags when I undertook my mammoth decluttering.

Checklist: A declutter checklist is really helpful, you can section off room by room taking into consideration what you need in each room and then tackle each room and get the satisfaction of ticking off each completed room.

Cleaning supplies: I found this to be the most satisfying part, hoovering the floor you perhaps haven’t seen in a while, wiping down surfaces that have been covered in paperwork and dusting places you couldn’t reach before.

Moving forward 

Once you have undertaken your initial declutter project, there is no need to stop! You can start working on a number of projects:

Laundry organization: Once you organize your laundry, life will never be the same. Invest in spilt colour laundry bags which help you save time going through dirty laundry for the white items! Try and make your laundry area as appealing to the eye as possible which is great for positivity.

Organize your fridge: An organized fridge saves time, money and wastage, if you know what is in your fridge (and can see it) you are more likely not to replicate items when you go shopping. You can check dates and quality of produce much more easily, so you can use things appropriately.

Wardrobe organization: This was one of my favourites, take everything out of your wardrobe and make three piles keep, give to friends, donate- I found it so satisfying to donate clothes I haven’t worn for years or those that still had tags to those who will appreciate it.


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