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Healthy treats for your dog

We all want to show our beloved pets just how much they mean to us. However, as a responsible pet owner it can sometimes be difficult to know what the right way to treat your dog is. After all, we can’t just reach for the biscuit drawer every time they make us proud, and we all need the occasional reminder that what we think of as an adorable treat is really just a gift for our social media channels (we’re not saying that you shouldn’t take a picture of them looking extremely cute in that sweater, but are they really enjoying it as much as you are?).

We’ve put together a list of some healthy, responsible ways to show your dog how much you love them, things that they will enjoy and benefit from and which will help you love them just as much as ever. 

Let Them Get Mucky

OK, hands up, who has ever stood and watched with utter despair as their dog charged off across the park and managed to find the biggest, most ludicrous patch of mud and dirt to roll around in? They just love the stuff, bless them. If you want to treat your dog to an activity that they enjoy, maybe every now and then it’s OK to stand back and let it happen, to let them explore all the exciting smells and sensations before taking them back for a good long bath.

Make A Playdate

As much as your dog loves your company (and they do, believe us on that one), it’s always a nice idea to let them have some fun with other dogs. It can be tricky to find time to schedule a dog playdate with a friend, especially with all the various lockdown restrictions, but it’s really important for your dog to spend time with others and to socialise. So, if you want to treat your pupper to a grand day out, check in with your other dog-owning friends to see if they want to make it a group outing!

Think About What You’re Feeding Them

It’s very easy to look down at that adorable face when you’re eating your dinner and to think that giving your dog some people food is an excellent treat. But while their face and wagging tail may be saying thank you, you could be hurting them in the long run. It’s so important to think about what you’re feeding your dog, and there are a range of healthy treats available for when you want to show them a little extra love and affection. 

But why stop there? This is the perfect time to reconsider your dog food choices and to explore the world of healthier, grain free dog food. Grain-free dog food contains fewer carbohydrates, so there’s less chance of inflammation and wind, which will make for a happier healthier dog. You can read more about healthier natural dog food at Bella & Duke, which breaks down why raw is the way to go.

Take A Trip Together

Your dog loves walkies as much as, if not more than, you do, but if there’s one thing a dog loves more than the same old walkies: it’s a new one. Think about where you can take your pet that will provide some new sights, sounds and smells and some fresh stimulation. Why not take a drive together to some water and let them splash around for a while? Why not take a hike out into the woods together and let them get their paws muddy? For many dogs, taking a ride in the car is the best part of the whole adventure, but introducing a whole new environment is a great way to keep their minds active and to treat them to a whole new space.

Show Them That You Love Them

A reward doesn’t always have to be a tasty treat, a new toy or a trip to the park. Dogs are very emotional creatures, they are highly intuitive, and they are constantly looking for signs from you that they’re doing the right thing and making you happy. As such, it’s so important that you remember to show your dog that you’re proud of them, and to tell them! They know what your “well done!” voice sounds like and they love it when you pet them and give them a big cuddle. You don’t have to reach for the treat drawer, you can just spend the time with them showing them how much they mean to you.

Listen To What They’re Telling You

We all get busy, we all get distracted, and sometimes it’s easy to assume that your dog is perfectly happy with what’s going on. After all, if they’re not barking or whining, it’s fine, right? However, there are several cues and smaller methods of behaviour that you can look out for which might tell you that they’re not entirely happy with that situation. Do they flinch when you pet them from above? Are they not using that new bed you got them, or are they hiding from your friend’s dog when they come to visit? Listen to what they’re telling you, and adjust your treats accordingly. 

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: December 22, 2020 | Posted in: HEALTH & WELLBEING

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