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Effective ways to look after your van


Maintaining your van can be an arduous task, especially if it undergoes frequent and taxing usage, as vans often do! 

These types of vehicles undergo a great deal of practical use, so much so that it’s more understandable when bits start falling off them eventually. During the lockdown in August, cafes and caterers used vans to take their goods on the road, with The Guardian also noting that some businesses were getting mobile and going where the customers were instead of waiting for their luck to change. 

So, vans have enjoyed greater usage in recent times, and that’s great! They are a versatile vehicle after all! But if you have joined, or are looking to join, the masses of people using vans for deliveries or mobile business services, how can you suitably maintain your own?

Keep reading, and you’ll find some tips that should help you keep your van in good condition! 

An Insurance Policy That Suits Your Needs

Acquiring insurance for your van can be difficult, but patience and wisdom during this endeavour are key. 

If you’re struggling to find the right premiums for you, then it’s best to consult in-depth resources. For example, if you browse the Quotezone website, you can intricately compare van insurance. Your policy can be purchased online or by phone with their Norton secured and encrypted quote form. They also some provide some insightful remarks on the use of vans, their popularity, and insurance tips and tricks, so it’s a good idea to consult them for your needs here. 

Sometimes, looking after your van is as simple as filling out the necessary paperwork and abiding with the law. Otherwise, it will be seized, and nobody wants that. Property of significant value, like vehicles, require all those legal layers to keep the show on the road, so you can’t afford any oversights here. Ultimately, everything starts with a good insurance quote! 

MOT Servicing

Sticking with the theme of law and order, like cars, vans need regular MOT testing. 

As Gov.uk rightly note, the only vehicles exempt from MOT servicing are tractors, certain historic (‘classic’) vehicles, and goods vehicles powered by electricity that were registered before March 2015. Vans aren’t listed, so they need just the same level of care and attention as your favourite car. It’s an annual occasion, and it’s a good idea to service more regularly than that for peace of mind too! 

Mechanics will perform their run of the mill checks and identify faulty components shortly before swapping them out with newer or improved iterations. Oil and filter changes can also be expected, and the examination and modifications are rightly rather thorough. Still, it’s the best thing you can do for your van in maintaining it – after all, professional mechanics guarantee an expert service and a pristine finish. 

Regular Tyre Maintenance

The tyres on your van must undergo a frequent and thorough inspection. 

In 2017, The Telegraph reported that vans amassed a record 48.5 billion miles the year before, dubbing them as the heartbeat of Britain’s SMEs and the fastest growing type of vehicle on the roads. In four-five short years, this situation will be largely consistent with matters today, and while its great vans are enjoying plenty of use it, there is some rough with the smooth; namely the fair share of wear and tear issues.

Because vans are often burdened with heavy or numerous materials, the vehicle takes on a special kind of toll. The weight in particular leads tyres to be more susceptible to damages and bursting. This problem varies depending on how large your wheels are and what items you place in your van, but it’s best to regularly check them to maintain the proper air pressure. 

Van Security

Last but not least, van security should definitely be high on your ‘looking after your van’ agenda. 

In 2018, the BBC reported on a protest that took place on the A38, involving 150 vans and their drivers. They were demonstrating in response to the rising rates of tool and vehicle theft in the area, spotlighting an issue that up until then had largely been ignored or underestimated. If the police aren’t helping matters as much as they could here, then it’s only reasonably to (sensibly) take matters into your own hands. 

For example, a worthwhile solution would be to invest in juicing up the security around your van. Cameras, electronic locks, intensified alarms, driveway spotlights, vehicle tracking, and sensors that detect smashed glass can all be strategic investments to make. Any combination of these suggestions will help ward off criminals and keep your investment and property secured. 

Remember, vans are a target for thieves not only because they are costly vehicles, but because of what they store too. Expensive tools and equipment are typically expected to be inside, encouraging criminals to break-in and loot the thing. Therefore, innovative and preventative measures are wholly necessary when it comes to looking after your van. 


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