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Being a brilliant blogger


Becoming a brilliant blogger is not as easy as some people might think, constantly thinking up new ideas for content, sharing and liking on social media it can all take up lots of time but it has its rewards.

The harder the work at blogging the bigger the rewards, not only financially but you start to get noticed and contacted by brands and PR companies to represent them and get sent some pretty cool samples to test at home.

5 top tips to start out 

Choose your blogging name: I would suggest you always check that corresponding social media handles and website name are available- this is essential for consistency and people being able to find you easily.

Choose you host carefully: Free website hosting isn’t always the best option, I recommend you look at WordPress. If you use shared hosting, it means your website will be on the same server as hundreds or thousands of other websites. If any of these other websites are run by spammers or scammers, the IP address may be flagged as malicious. Your website’s search engine rankings could drop like a rock if it’s considered to be in a bad neighbourhood.

Join networks: There are lots of Facebook and Twitter groups that are about blogging and offer lots of different opportunities, tips and advice. You can meet some great people in forums who are happy to help and everyone has to start somewhere. I’ve had some really helpful advice from Facebook groups and lots of technical help.

Blog blog blog: Readers like consistency and by posting three times per week, you will be able to reach your audience and stay current. You can blog about anything really your life, hobbies, eating out, parenting, saving money, mental health- anything you can think of.

Don’t be money mad: It takes time to monetize your blog and can takes years before you get offers of paid work. Keep blogging and good things will come, try to stay away from posting content that isn’t relevant to your audience as that might discourage people from visiting your site.

5 top tips to stand out 

Get a media kit: They are often what lands you a paid job if against competition, as they showcase your previous clients, your statistics and that you take blogging seriously. You can find a great selection from design bundles here. PR companies find media kits a great way of presenting bloggers to their clients.

Current content: Respond to the media around you, if something is current then blog about it. Any Pre-written content can wait, you are much more likely to gain traction if you are writing about current and relevant situations. Don’t forget to use social media to share your opinions.

Little black book: It is essential that you form relationships with brands, PR Companies and services that offer blogging opportunities if you want to get considered for collaborations and work offers. Don’t bombard them with emails or spam them with generic requests but if you build up a good relationship they will use you time and time again.

Take a second look: Schedule some time to go over your blog, check your keywords, that your blogs are in the correct categories. Review your social media strategy, are you growing each week and analyse if not-why not?

Have a look at your blog from a laptop, IOS and Android device and make sure they are all formatted correctly.

It’s a business: Blogging for many people is a business and therefore should be treated in a professional manner, ensure you submit work on time, your invoices should be prompt and your work should be of a professional standard- ensure you spell check it and if you are using images make sure they are copyright free.

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The giveaway is international and anyone can enter. The giveaway will finish at midnight on the 26th of January, 2021. I will contact the winner by the end of the week of the giveaway close to arrange their prize.

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