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Contemporary Dining Chairs

contemporary dining chairs

We are busy working on our lakeside lodge renovation and were recently considering contemporary dining chair options and came across Lakeland Furniture and fell I love worth their Uber stylish ranges with a plethora of beautiful colours and fabrics.

Lakeland Furniture specialises in home and garden furniture, carrying an extensive range of the UK’s best value bar stools, dining chairs, office chairs, tables and furnishing accessories. Rather than run shops, they source these items direct from the factories and hold them in our warehouse – perfect for pandemic purchases. 

Opus Carver Dining Chair Pink Velvet Chrome Leg £104.99

Modern dining chair with an elegant stitched design on the backrest. Available in a variety of stunning colours.

A fixed height base is used to support the plush seat of this item. The base features no height adjustment and is created from metal.

A solid metal frame is used to support the Seat of our dining chair. The base is then coated in a chrome finishing to create a high glass feel.

Using velvet which is a high grade material, the velvet encasing this products adds a decedent feel to any room. Keeping in line with the latest trends and styles of interior design, the regal material creates a sleek and elegant look.

contemporary dining chairs

Visby Dining Chair Green Velvet £54.99

Quality and longevity where the two main qualities in mind when making the Visby dining chair. 

The finish on this Velvet dining chair has the look of soft furnishings with the durability of that or a leather or acrylic seat. The material is created by a blend of fabrics making almost a canvas effect.

The Visby has minimal stitched, creating a chic, cool look. 

Beneath the Soft Velvet seat, we have designed a black and gold effect base. The base is manufactured in metal, designed to withstand any knocks or bumps and guaranteed to hold up to 18 stone. To soften the look of the frame, we have then coated this in black and gold; Designed to look luxurious.

contemporary dining chairs

Victoria Style Chair £64.99

The Victoria Ghost chair is a copy of a renowned classic and is made from a singular mold of Acrylic. 
The vibrant acrylic seats are created using high grade acrylic. The seats are anti-scratch and boast strong impact resistance. The acrylic dining chairs are unique in that they are transparent, meaning they look smaller than they are, perfect for small spaces. The unique clear acrylic is perfect to match up any room. 

The backrest adds stability to the ghost chair and comes pre attached to the legs and seat. The backrest and back legs are one solid frame ensuring durability and stability over any length of time.

The Victoria dining chair needs no assembly, making it the perfect chair if you are on a time limit, or you would rather not have the hassle of fiddling with screws and brackets. 
You are also able to stack our Victoria ghost chairs clear; making them a great space saver.

contemporary dining chairs

Ava Gel Acrylic Dining Chair Purple £69.99

Purple was once a colour exclusive to emperors, now you can enjoy this rich and exotic shade at your table with these Purple Ava gel dining chairs. 
The seats of these chairs are made from tough and durable transparent acrylic shot through with a delightful strong purple. They are moulded in one piece in a series of straight lines and curves which can best be seen in profile, creating a comfortable, supportive and elegantly simple seat.

The legs are made from tubular steel given a shining chrome finish to complement the shine of the acrylic. 
Bringing a bold accent colour and a striking design, these Purple Ava gel dining chairs are sure to delight your family and friends at the dining table.

contemporary dining chairs

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