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Cheshire Placenta

Cheshire Placenta

Let’s talk about the placenta! Increasingly in the world of social media more and more celebs are promoting ‘Placenta pills’ following birth and crediting them with helping them get back in shape and having more energy.  Placenta encapsulation is not actually a new fad, it is just the most modern and convenient method for new mothers to consume their placenta following birth but eating the placenta is as old as giving birth itself!


In the Western world the placenta is not usually given a second thought, but this is a wonderful and vital organ both during pregnancy and immediately following the birth, there are reasons why animals eat their placenta after birth and why since the beginning of the human race eating the placenta or using it in medicines and remedies is commonplace.

Cheshire Placenta

The Placenta not only provides a physical connection between the mother and baby but it nurtures a baby in the womb providing nutritional, endocrine and immune system support.  The baby is  nourished and protected by the placenta during pregnancy it feeds the baby a nonstop supply of vitamins, nutrients and oxygen via the umbilical cord and passes crucial antibodies from the mother to the baby providing immunity for about three months after birth.

umbilical cord

What is incredible about this vital organ is that even though it begins as just a group of cells it goes on to provide continuous protection for your baby, knowing instinctively what nutrients your baby needs at any one time and providing them.

Have you ever considered that you and your baby could have different blood types, normally the human body would reject something considered as a ‘foreign object’ but because of the placenta your baby is not rejected, the placenta acts as a filter allowing a baby of a different blood type to not only exist within the body but to flourish and develop and forms a barrier against the transfer of infection.

Human placenta supplies new mothers a rich source of nutrition at the time a new mother needs them most, following the birth, which in turns allows a mother to replenish her resources and care for her baby.  The placenta supplies new mothers iron, amino acids and essential fats and nutrients that are usually lost during the birthing process which in turn increases energy, reduces post-natal bleeding, enables the uterus to shrink back, increases milk supply and importantly reduces stress and the risk of post-natal depression.

Your baby’s placenta contains your own hormones which is why this is such a unique and personal supplement, it is tailor made for you! It is also packed with oxytocin, known as the ‘happy hormone’ which is why consuming your Placenta is recommended to alleviate stress, the baby blues and post-natal depression, as well as helping with the bonding process between mother and baby.

Cheshire Placenta

The hormone thyroxine is also present, this is the hormone that controls the metabolism and by consuming the placenta you will be boosting your metabolism as well as your energy levels and contracting your cervix which means you are more likely to get back to your post-pregnancy shape!

At Cheshire Placenta our motto is ‘a healthier baby, a healthier you’ and all of our clients agree.

Cheshire Placenta

Cheshire Placenta logo

By Lucinda Rose


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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: October 18, 2017 | Posted in: HEALTH & WELLBEING, NURSERY & BABY

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    Please could I have details on how to sign up to your placenta encapsulation service?
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