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Which is the coolest campervan to own?


People have different reasons for wanting to ditch the overly familiar walls in their homes for a life spent on the UK roads exploring as many places as they possibly can. It could be that you are completely unattached, single, or are looking to see what life has to offer beyond what you are accustomed to. Or maybe, you just want a chance to be yourself!

Regardless of your motivation, you always have an option to cash in the chips at hand and acquire a campervan. Apart from the fact that they are now being produced by manufacturers all over the world, investing in one means you never have to worry about leaving your creature comforts behind. 

A majority of these machines make it easier for you to live as though you were back at home. From full-blown extensions to commodes to kitchens, the modern campervan has got it all. But before you can even consider the camper insurance premiums, you have to first look at the coolest campervans available on the roads today.

Marchi Mobile Plazzio Superior

If you are looking for a luxurious camper and have a couple of millions to spare, then look no further than the Marchi Mobile Plazzio Superior. It’s a futuristic monster featuring the latest technology you want in a camper. It comes with a pop-up rooftop, fireplace, cosy lounge, and a cocktail bar. 

Its sleeping area is bigger than what most modern hotel rooms have to offer. It also boasts of a rainfall shower, giant TV, and a well-equipped kitchen featuring an ice maker, a coffee machine, and a wine cabinet. A set of folding steps lined with a red carpet is available to help you get on-board. 

Nomad Vanz Out of the Blue

If you are more interested in going off-road as opposed to using modern devices, go for the campervan from Nomad Vans. It comes loaded with all manner of gadgets and gizmos, including a 175-liter water tank code-named the ‘Mother Ship’ and a bike repair station mounted by its side. 

Nomad Vanz, a custom out-fitter located in Northern Vancouver, is credited with transforming the basic Mercedes Sprinter cargo van into an out of the world campervan. Campers get to enjoy a kitchen with a gas stove, a lithium off-grid ‘Command Center,’ custom upholstery, and a teak table.

Volkner Mobil Performance

The Volkner Mobile Performance is a campervan that would look right at home were it to get featured in a Bond film. It is a campervan designed for those that want to explore the country without having to leave their favourite sports cars behind. Its built-in garage is capable of housing a low-profile vehicle that you can slide out with ease whenever you need to use it. 

The interior space also comes with slide-out walls designed to help in maximizing space and is different for each buyer. Owners get to specify how they would like their campervans to be designed, including the amenities that it should have inside. 


Buying a campervan requires you to have a game plan. While you can still do as much research as time allows you, the chances are that you may end up going around in circles. It’s always best to have an idea of where to start and what’s important to you. Identifying the purpose of the van and how often you intend to use it are great starting points. 

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: March 9, 2021 | Posted in: TRAVEL

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One thought on “Which is the coolest campervan to own?”

  1. Rachel says:

    I’ve been researching camper vans for ages and now feel I’m going around in circles. We need bigger but then I have the issue of where to store it when not in use.

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