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Ways to Prepare a Guest Bedroom

From time to time, it’s a treat to have family or friends stay over in our homes. It’s time to catch up and spend some valuable time together. And making sure they feel comfortable is key. 

In this article discover the only way to prepare a guest bedroom. From making sure you have the comfiest bedding to having everything you need on the bedside table and more. By following these tips, you will have created the most homely space for your loved ones to stay.


Always have a guest-friendly bedside table

A bedside table is a big must when it comes to making sure your guests feel at-home in their own space. As well as a great place to store their trinkets and smalls, a bedside table allows enough room for other important amenities too. 

Make sure that there is a lamp beside their bed incase they like to read at night. Choose a lamp that isn’t so big that it completely takes over the space on top of the table. There’s nothing worse than having a cluttered bedside table!

Incase they have forgotten their book, leave a small selection on the bedside table as well. If you’re really into reading, then you are sure to have some classics at hand! Give them a broad selection so that you’re appealing to a wide range of tastes: some science fiction, a romantic novel or a biography, etc. 

To make them feel even more special, why not have a small vase of fresh flowers by their bed as well? Freshly cut florals from your garden or even bargain finds at the supermarket will all make your guest feel like you’ve really made an effort. A leafy green plant will look just as lovely as well. Bringing a living, natural element into the room will add to making your guest feel even more comfortable and at home.

bedside table


Spring clean and open those windows wide

One of the easiest and most practical ways to prepare a guest bedroom is by making sure you give it a good spring clean before they arrive. Often the guest room gets forgotten about or is also used for other reasons whilst family and friends aren’t staying over. 

First of all, get rid of the clutter that your guest doesn’t need. But do make sure that you’re not having to remove heaps and heaps of clutter every time. Is there a way of removing some of these items for good so that when you have a guest, it isn’t as much as an upheaval every time? Maybe it’s time to declutter the guest room once and for all! Having a clutter-free guest bedroom won’t only make your loved ones feel at ease but it will positively impact you as well.

Next, deep cleaning the space is required. Or if you’re on top of your cleaning duties, just give it a quick vacuum and dust. Open those windows wide and invite fresh air and daylight in to blow all those cobwebs away and freshen up the room!

And the beauty of all the above is that it is free to do! What’s not to like?


Have fun with the decor

Don’t feel like you need to appeal to a wide range of tastes when it comes to decorating your guest bedroom. Instead, it’s an opportunity to show off your fabulous sense of style! As long as you have the basics for making them feel comfortable in the room, going bold with the decor won’t impede on their stay. If anything, they will be wowed (in a good way)! Make sleeping in your home an experience as well as, of course, spending time with you. 

Be adventurous by going for ultra on-trend shades such as navy, terracotta or dark green! But instead of painting all four walls in the same tone, why not create a striking feature wall with vintage art deco style, a beautiful beach scene, a relaxing forest or even gorgeous safari animal photography! To do this, choose a custom-made wallpaper mural: there are so many designs out there that will make your guest bedroom stand out from the rest!


Make sure the bedding is only the best

One of the most important factors when preparing a guest bedroom is making sure that the bed is 10/10. Don’t just make them settle for your old duvet and pillows. Treat them to brand new ones. Trust us – they will notice the difference! This doesn’t mean you have to spend loads on bedding. After all, it won’t get used as much as your own bedding so you can be more limiting on how much money you spend on it. Cost doesn’t always mean quality.

Once you have made them their fresh bed, pop in a hot water bottle or a heated blanket to air it out. Not only does this warm up the bed but will add even more to the comfort factor! 

If you don’t have the room for a bed in your guest bedroom, why not have a sleeper sofa instead? These make sure you can make the most of your spare bedroom when you’re guest-free. Use this comfy sofa as a spot to relax on your own with a good book, movie and more!

Are you ready to prepare the perfect guest bedroom? Just remember comfort is key. As long as you’ve tried your best to make your loved ones feel comfortable, they will feel at home in your humble abode!

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: November 4, 2021 | Posted in: INTERIORS

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