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Top 10 tips for toddler travel

Being a parent myself and having worked within the childcare industry for over 15 years, as a Supernanny, Private Maternity Nurse, Sleep Trainer and Baby Concierge I am no stranger to travelling with a toddler.

Here are my top 10 tips for toddler travel:

1. Book the lounge prior to the flight. It gives you room to spread out, nibbles/food before you fly (essential for fussy eaters) and it charges up ipads etc for the flight ahead.

2. Load up on age appropriate apps for your child the week before you go.

3. Buy a selection of small new toys, I also think it’s a great idea to wrap these and save for a mid flight meltdown. This year I brought the leap pad scribble.

4. Take your child home comforts such as character blanket, ours of course was Star Wars! Their favourite soft toy and PJ’s for the plane.

5. Purchase your child comfortable earphones before you fly- these will become your best friend.

6. Pack a spare change of clothes for your child (and yourself) in your hand luggage in case of spillages or worse vomit! I also always pack swimwear for when we arrive.

7. Be honest with your toddler and do not keep saying we are nearly there, get them to look at the flight map and share stories about the world (see tip 3 if toddler has a I can’t take anymore crisis moment.)

8. Be prepared, take your essentials baby wipes, calpol & syringe, thermometer and your child’s favourite failsafe snacks.

9. We love Boots! if your airline has a baggage limit and like me you have already used it all (plus a bit) then buy your suntan lotion, aftersun, haircare products etc in boots at the airport.

10. Take your holiday brochure with you and talk about your holiday and any trips your planning, it will kill time and get your toddlers mind off sitting still.

Reward! If the timing is right, allow your child to take a dip in the pool when you arrive. If it is in the middle of the night then allow them time to wind down when they arrive – it’s a big deal when your a child to arrive in a strange place.

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: June 24, 2017 | Posted in: MINI ME, TRAVEL

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