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Taste ‘n’ Tell – Making kid’s food fun

Taste 'n' Tell books

Taste ‘n’ Tell is a new concept aimed at children aged 12 months to five years, designed to introduce and encourage healthy eating habits at a young age.
The package combines a lie flat, wipe clean book, a plastic base unit and a food sample container to make kids food fun. Fresh food samples are placed in the container, and the three elements are then put together, allowing the Taste ‘n’ Tell journey to begin!

The parent/carer reads the rhymes in the book when interacting with with the child, showing them the bright colourful pictures of food, while describing their origin and joining in with the fun characters on their adventures as they discover their favourite foods to eat. The characters invite the child to ‘peak inside’ the container and taste the fresh food sample placed in the pod. There’s lots of fun and excitement when children discover the food in the container.

The response is always to join in with the characters and taste the surprise food sample inside. There’s even more excitement when, after they have tried the food, they are offered a Taste ‘n’ Tell sticker for their personalised reward chart.

Each Taste ‘n’ Tell character represents one of the food types recognised as being essential to a healthy diet:
Holly honeybee loves fruit
Veggie vole loves vegetables
Millar mouse loves grains
Beefy bear loves protein
Darcey dragon loves dairy

“Discovering fruit with Holly honeybee” is available now as a starter pack containing:
The book
The base
The food sample container
The reward chat
The stickers
The instruction booklet

“Discovering vegetables with Veggie vole” is due to be released in January 2018, with the other books in the series published at regular intervals thereafter. All the books are available as a starter pack, or as a refill book.


The creator’s say: Taste ‘n’ Tell has been an absolute joy to write and illustrate with the help of our wonderful team. And it all came from such simple beginnings.
Daniel, age three, is our first Grandchild. Having taken early retirement from a previous business, and while still in our 50s, Ronnie and I knew we still had many working years ahead of us, although we weren’t sure about what to do. We were caring for Daniel occasionally until he started nursery. It was during one of those occasions when I was having difficulties trying to persuade him to eat his broccoli, the way he always did for his mum.
Daniel was having none of it, so I decided to make it into a game. Coincidentally, I had bought him a new lift the flap book. I proceeded to place a fresh piece of warm broccoli inside cling film and under a flap in the book. I made up a story about a character who loved vegetables and would often leave a vegetable under the flap so children could try it.
Eureka! Daniel couldn’t wait to lift the flap. When he found the broccoli, I removed the cling film and he popped the food in his mouth. I instinctively felt he should be rewarded for doing well so I gave him a sticker for his tea shirt. Taste ‘n’ Tell was born.

Our aim is to make our customers feel part of the Taste ‘n’ Tell journey in helping children with reading, eating and learning. We’d love to have you along on that journey!

You can visit us to find out more at www.tastentell.co.uk or you’ll find us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.


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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: November 17, 2017 | Posted in: FOOD

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