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Which scooter for an 8 year old?

When it comes to having fun you can’t beat the great outdoors, can you? Every child should have a scooter to ride on during their childhood, they provide not only fun but teach them so many skills too. Micro Scooters are the home of scooters for children and adults. The company sell a whole range of 2 wheeled scooters and 3 wheeled scooters for kids and adults alike. If you have an active child this scooter would be the perfect choice. So which scooter is best for an 8 year old? You could go for a 2 wheeler micro sprite which is super agile and compact or a more sturdy 3 wheeler such as the maxi micro which adds a bit more stability for beginners.

As well as the award-winning range of micro scooters, you can also pair up with accessories including helmets, lights, bells and safety pads. We all know that safety is paramount when riding a scooter so always make sure your child has a suitable helmet on whilst they are out scooting.

So why scoot?



It is good for the planet for starters. If you are out on a scooter you are not using a car! Plus these scooters are built to last and are fantastic quality. Every scooter is designed with replacement parts so they’re fit for a lifetime of scooting, rather than ending in landfill.

Micro scooter

Scoot Safe Scheme

In 2013, Micro Scooters launched the Scoot Safe Scheme, every week the team go to schools and clubs to teach children  all about safety and proficiency skills enabling safe journeys for all.

Scooter Aid

Do your bit and recycle. Old scooters can be donated to a community or organisation allowing everybody to be able to feel the benefits of riding a Micro Scooter. What a great incentive!

Carbon Neutral

Micro Scooters are proud to be the UK’s first Carbon Neutral retailer. Together with Carbon Neutral Britain they’ve estimated over 100,000 children are now scooting to school – who may otherwise have been driven – which has saved over 6,000,000kg CO2e of emissions each year. How fantastic is that?

1& For The Planet

Micro Scooters are proud members of 1% For The Planet – a global network of businesses and individuals working together to tackle the environmental crisis. Which means 1% of sales of their entire Eco Scooter range is donated to highly vetted environmental non-profit organisations within the 1% For The Planet network.

So, if you are looking for a great Christmas gift for someone in your family or just want to get more active and help be greener then a Micro Scooter sounds like the perfect option.


Every single Micro Scooter has a serial number and date stamp engraved on it don’t forget to register your scooter with us for total peace of mind. Visit micro-scooters.co.uk/register-your-scooter

Do you guys have scooters? Would you consider scooting to school?


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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: December 13, 2021 | Posted in: MINI ME

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