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New Year’s Eve Outfits

New Years Eve

So, with Christmas just days away now, it won’t be long until we can all celebrate, hopefully with family or friends. It is the time of festive cheer and good will for all and a time to party. Christmas parties are still on the cards for some people whereas others many be choosing a quieter affair. Whatever you decide to do, have fun and consider picking yourself a party outfit for New Years Eve. After all, it is always fun to get dressed up and make an effort. We’ve had a tough year and a half of limited contact with others and many families are choosing to get together if they feel it is self to do so. Of course, follow the government guide lines for safety and be sensible but I think we all deserve a bit of fun.


What makes for a good women’s New Years Eve outfit?


Let’s face it, every woman feels good in a pair of high heels. There are plenty of colours and styles to choose from, whether you opt for classic black, a bit of sparkle or a colour to match the rest of your outfit, you can’t go wrong with a pair of women’s heels.

gold high heels

Little Black Dress

When it comes to women’s clothing, every woman should own a little black dress. It’s a staple for any wardrobe and something that never goes out of style. If you’re not a fan of dresses, jumpsuits are also a great alternative and are also very comfortable.

black dress


It is always chilly in winter so get yourself a decent pair of tights if you’ve opted for a dress or a skirt. Depending on your style you could go for nude, black or even a sparkly pair. I find a pair of shorts are great for keeping tights up too.


If you are out for the evening it is worth taking a small handbag to keep your phone, purse, keys and makeup in. A stylish, compact shoulder bag would be the easiest thing to carry.

pink bag


Complete you look with a long, elegant coat. Something that will keep you warm when you head outdoors but will also look smart enough to match your outfit. Trench coats are always a winner.

trench coat

Tips for comfort on New Year’s Eve:

As cute as a pair of heels may be, they can completely leave you in pain at the end of the night, especially if you’ve done lots of dancing. Keep a pair of sliders, or even flip flops in your bag, trust me you won’t regret it. Slipping those heels off and putting some comfy flats on whilst making your way home feels like heaven.

Depending on the size of the bag you have with you, maybe keep a compact hand warmer, the type that you squeeze to heat up. Coming out of a warm venue into the cold is never pleasant and hand warmer will help you to feel toasty on your way home.

Keep some lip balm with you. Your lips can dry out on cold evenings and start to feel sore.

Book your taxi in advance. New Year’s Eve is always busy and it can be difficult to get a cab last minute.

Keep a beanie hat in your bag. I also love to put on a slouchy beanie at the end of the evening, it is all about the warmth and the comfort for me!

Take care everybody and have a happy new year!




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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: December 22, 2021 | Posted in: FASHION

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