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Today we are featuring MamaBabyBliss,  a place where you can meet a team of expertly trained associate teachers and therapists to care for you from pregnancy to your little one’s toddler-hood. They specialise in getting to know you during your Pregnancy and that’s the way it stays. When you graduate on to their baby classes of massage and yoga, you will never be, ‘Olivia’s Mummy’ or ‘Henry’s Mummy’, you will always be you, and they will continue to nurture you throughout.


So, let’s get to know a bit more about the company:

Tell us a bit about you?

My name is Emma, I’m a 41 year old Mummy of a beautiful, inquisitive, mischevous boy named Douglas. I am part of the East Midlands team based in Kegworth in Castle Donington. My journey into parenthood was not straightforward. After a long road that culminated in IVF, our son was finally born in 2015. Pre-Pregnancy was an anxious time, as was the Pregnancy itself, and entering Motherhood is not for the faint hearted I soon discovered.

What is the aim of MamaBabyBliss?

For some reason we have lost our way in what other cultures call, ‘Mothering the Mother’, and that is where MamaBabyBliss comes in. From the moment you meet your teacher you are in their care. We pamper you, we nurture you, and we help you forge those friendships with other mothers, that become your ‘village’. In a world where anxiety and depression are common place, we have a need to be mindful and look to, ‘self-care’.  MamaBabyBliss  provides that oasis of calm and luxury to care for not just your baby, but for you as a person in your own right, and you as the new mother you have become.

What do you provide?

We provide a full curriculum of classes. I, like my fellow associate teachers have undergone in depth training. In a world where you can jump on line and ‘train’ in two days before calling yourself a teacher, we take a full year. A year of assessments, case studies, teacher evaluations, anatomy and physiology exams, and reflections to name a few. Our founder Justina Perry, is an expert in her field. Herself, and her co-director, Vanessa Taylor, work tirelessly to enhance the experience of motherhood. In November 2017, they attended the House of Commons by invite, to discuss and campaign for improving the conditions of maternal mental health in the UK. We are the luxurious classes that soothe, develop and nurture you, but we are also the driving force to improve Motherhood in the UK and internationally, with strategic partnerships being formed from Hong Kong to St Helena.

What classes are on offer?

PregnancyBliss is where you start your journey. A Yoga inspired class, with moves and tips for your, ‘Pregnancy Toolkit’ alike. Learn how to calm your mind, whilst alleviating heartburn, back ache, sore hips, insomnia to name a few. You will learn how to be in control of the ‘Power of breath’, an essential for baby’s birth. Not only that, you will learn lots of techniques for the birth itself and end each class with a beautiful relaxation, to float you off towards a beautiful night’s sleep.


Birth Preparation Workshops  are also offered. A short workshop designed to teach you and your birthing partner to work together in unison, empowering the birth of your baby into the world. We teach birthing positions, massage, relaxation techniques, and how to use your breath to make it an incredible experience for you both.

Pregnancy Massage is also offered by our team of expertly trained therapists. This is provided along with the use of our beautiful luxury products. Made from all natural ingredients and essential oils, they are a complete rage to pamper both you and your baby. You can also purchase these direct from your associate teacher or the main website, along with gorgeous gift sets.



After the birth of your baby, you move on to MamaBliss, a gentle Yoga inspired class to stretch and relax you. Baby is welcome too, or you can come as just you. Either way, you will learn short sequences to fit into your new lifestyle. These sequences relax you, invigorate you, and empower you. A must for all new mummies’. Yes it is possible to sneak a few minutes of ‘me time’ even with baby snuggling up to you, and we show you how.

BabyBliss Massage is the next natural progression. You will learn how to massage your baby, to help them sleep, to eliminate tummy pains, and avoid the stress of Colic for you and your baby. There are so many health benefits of massage for you both. The second part of the class is for you, MamaChat, a chance to talk about parenthood, a safe and private space for you to explore your new role, it’s highs and lows. We provide, lots of useful information and tips, and of course that longed for hot drink while baby rests after their treatment.

From this you graduate to BabyBliss Yoga, (Foundation, Advanced and PhD!). These classes further enhance your baby’s development, helping their little bodies and minds make sense of the world. Strengthening their balance and co-ordination, and enhancing their neural brain development. As always this is followed by time for you, MamaChill. Stretch, relax and be mindful with your baby by your side. You are the single most important thing in the world to your baby, so the importance of nurturing you is beyond everything.

Of course our baby’s need both their parents so we also offer, Partner Workshops. Consolidating the massage and yoga classes for the working parent, they are shorter and focused at the weekend; it is a chance to learn some of the beautiful techniques mentioned above, so you can both share the Bliss.

Finally we offer a range of active Yoga and massage classes, Baby Explorers, Movers & Shakers, Walkers and Talkers, that take you up to the age of 3 years. These classes build on the skills we have already taught. They further enhance your toddler’s development as they explore the world. Of course there is also a ‘calm’ element to the toddler classes, to reinforce their own need for mindful ness, in an ever increasingly busy world.



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  1. What a great idea! They do say it takes a village to raise a child and I feel that is what you are providing here. I wish I had had this support as an EXPAT. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime ?

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