Dr Doggy for healthy dogs

We all love our pets – Minime and I especially love our Bella. There is nothing more important to us than the health and wellbeing of our beautiful dog. That’s why we are big fans of Dr Doggy products which contain a safe, patented, water-based formula that creates “Active Shield Protection” for ultimate dog hygiene. These products can be used to treat and guard against problematic skin, itchy and smelly fur, smelly surfaces, bedding and even dog laundry.

Dr Doggy is basically a one-stop and all-inclusive health care solution for your dogs. The aim is to provide a healthier wellbeing for your dog. All products in the Dr Doggy line feature a non-toxic anti-microbial solution which prevents harmful bacteria and viruses from adhering to fur, skin, surfaces, and textiles for long-term protection. This solution also kills potentially harmful germs and provides protection against unwanted skin conditions.

At Dr Doggy they don’t believe in masking unwanted odours with overpowering fragrances. Since bad odour is a sign that something is wrong, all Dr Doggy products work to eliminate the root cause of the problem by destroying bacteria or viruses. By addressing the cause of a bad odour, these products de-odourise rather than simply re-odourising.

Dog Protection Pack

This complete dog care range sanitises and protects skin, fur, surfaces, bedding toys and laundry. The ultimate dog protection pack consists of sanitiser and protector, bedding and laundry protector, spray and go fur protector, skin healer, shampoo and fur protector. An all-inclusive power-packed solution for your dog.

The Ultimate Protection range:

  • Protects your pet from becoming ill through infection transmission
  • Helps sooth basic pet ailments, promotes healthy fur and treats common skin conditions
  • Protects children from potentially harmful germs
  • Protects the family and home from odour-causing bacteria and viruses
  • Provides peace of mind in using the highest grade of infection prevention products available

We tried this out on our dog Bella and she thoroughly enjoyed having a bit of a pampering! The dog care range was very easy to use and Bella’s skin felt very soft and there was no odour afterwards.

Dry skin on dogs can be caused by their home environment. During winter for example, when home heating is switched on higher than normal, this may cause your dog’s skin condition to change and become itchy. Dry skin on dogs is common and usually not a serious health issue that can be easily treated.

Through a silane carrier, the clever, patented chemistry ensures that each of these substrates is then positively charged by a nitrogen molecule which pulls in all negatively charged bacteria that are present, kills the microbe dead and makes it completely harmless to your dog. The technology works as a mild antiseptic to sooth and sterilise the problem area and then provides “Active Shield Protection” to keep the area clean and protected and this in turn promotes rapid healing and recovery.


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