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Delightful Design

I’ve been spending more and more time getting crafty since the beginning of lockdown and have recently starting to really enjoy creating practical things on my laptop, iPad and iPhone. There are literally hundreds of things you can do and I’m going to take you through my top 5:

Celebration cards:

The list of celebrations is endless, my favourites are birthdays, births, anniversaries and special occasions such as Easter, Christmas and Valentines day.

You can create some amazing designs using a wide variety of different apps, or my preference is to download some cool cut-outs from design bundles and have a fun crafting session – you don’t need to invest in cross cutters/3D printers, all you need is a printer, scissors, card and a wild imagination. You have the option of adding glitter, felt, ribbon and things found easily outside such as leaves, twigs and flowers.

Virtual party invites:

With lockdown 2020/2021, it has been almost impossible to celebrate anything in person, but you don’t want to miss out so what I recommend is hosting your own virtual party.

You can decorate using your favourite theme, or arrange to have party food and a drink and celebrate to your heart’s content virtually.

Firstly, you will need to invite your guests and instead of relying on a text message or zoom invite why not take time to create some awesome invitations and send them out to your friends and family.

Virtual party invites can be created easily online and you can find lots of super templates and there are so many free fonts online so go wild and create something that will be the envy of all your friends. 

I prefer to carry my theme from my invites all the way through my design, so think carefully about the choice of colours and font on the designs and then use the same on your décor.

Loopy about Labelling

Take me back five years and a smug me might have had the audacity to turn my nose up at those who labelled drawers in the playroom, and their child’s PE kit. Fast forward…….. if it is not moving, I’m putting a label on it! Kitchen cupboards, office drawers, laundry room, kids storage towers, there isn’t any room in the house that a label is hiding somewhere.

With us all working from home and home schooling, room is tight and I don’t have the luxury of my once daily allotted tidy time so, to stop me going crazy and to stop people putting things in the wrong place- I label.

There are so many different options when it comes to labelling you can purchase plastic backed stickers quite cheaply online or you can design your own, which I prefer because you can have much more control and creativity – plus I couldn’t find a set which included “crap cupboard” which Is my definition of a cupboard that you put things on that don’t fit into your other perfectly labelled kitchen- think along the lines of…..every charger you have ever owned, blue tac, numerous keys etc

Personal development 

I have been assessing my work options “work smart not harder” being my mantra for 2021 and I suddenly realised that I spend lots of time and energy helping and advising other people but spend very little time on my own personal development and me as a brand, so I wanted to set aside some time every week and work on me.

This included redesigning my business cards, media pack, CV and letter templates. It made me realise when assessing my own brand, I had not been so fastidious about the design element and ensuring brand continuity so I am looking at ensuring all my font, style and colours are the same.

Homework help

Lockdown has sent almost every parent/nanny/carer into a spin, with google classroom becoming the new norm and a plethora of things to do I have turned to online creative help. I have used Canva and design fonts to help me out numerous times- from creating Egyptian hieroglyphs and bubble writing, to help me create cut out shapes and items for projects, as not everyone can draw a tank by hand! 

As I sit here watching Minime aged 7, iPad in hand working hard on his next project piece I realise just how quickly they grow up and how the world moves at an incredible rate – when I was 7 I’m not sure that I even knew how to turn on my Commodore 64, let alone knew how to create documents, save them and print them out.

To all the home schooling crew out there, just remember you didn’t sign up to this, nor did you attend teacher training, so you do your best and the main thing is to keep smiling and as you tell your children “your best is good enough.”


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