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Comfort for Chemotherapy

Comfort for Chemotherapy Hamper

When I received the devastating diagnosis that my father had terminal cancer, if I had known about the Cancer Care Parcel‘s gift hamper then I would have purchased one in a heartbeat, anything that supports people through the difficult chemotherapy process is priceless.

My uncle has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and he found the box extremely helpful for the long sessions at the hospital. He said: “The box has been extremely well thought out and provides everything you might need.”

You can read about my 3 deaths in 3 months here.

All The Essentials And A Lot More

Packed with useful and comforting items.  This “Chemotherapy Survival Kit” is a perfect gift for anyone undergoing chemotherapy.

What Is In The Comfort For Chemotherapy Gift Hamper?


For Comfort

Comfort for Chemotherapy Hamper

Super Soft Neck Cushion:  To stay comfortable during chemo, at home or on long journeys, we have included this supersoft neck cushion. Soft to the touch and filled with thousands of tiny microbeads which sculpt to the body’s shape providing fantastic support.

Teddy Snug:  A blanket can be a nice comforter and is useful during chemotherapy. So we included a teddy snug throw in this chemotherapy gift to create a warm, cosy and comforting feeling during therapy, at the hospital or at home, in a chair, on the bed or sofa. Soft to feel just like a teddy bear. An essential item for a chemotherapy survival kit.

Bed Socks;  Bed socks are a perfect solution to cold feet that can result from many cancer therapies. They also add a bit of extra cancer comfort when convalescing or just for “me time” at home.

Handwarmer:   Hands can get cold at any time, but are particularly vulnerable to the cold after chemo. This fun hand warmer has a knitted cover that is a fox at the front and contains a reusable click to heat gel pack.

Magic Gloves:  These soft gloves will also help to keep hands warm.

Comfort for Chemotherapy Hamper

For Nausea

Sea Bans:  The nausea which can be caused by chemotherapy treatment is well documented. These Sea Ban wristbands included in the chemotherapy gift box for are a clinically proven, drug-free alternative treatment for the control of nausea. By placing the acupressure band around the wrist the nausea symptoms subside and there are no side effects.

Peppermint Tea:  Peppermint tea can relieve chemotherapy nausea. It also has health benefits. Naturally caffeine free, a comforting warm drink to add the chemo diet.

Ginger Chews:   Ginger is a well-documented aid for chemo-induced nausea relief. These ginger chews are made from pieces of ginger root, which means they contain its natural active ingredients and are great natural solution to fight off nausea.


For Pampering

Malibu Lip Care:  Chemotherapy can affect the skin’s natural moisture because it reduces the amount of oils that glands secrete. As a result, sore lips can be a common side effect of chemotherapy. This SPF30 moisturising lip protection will soothe and protect those dry lips.


Stress Relief

Colouring book:  Did you know colouring books are used in some adult cancer wards in hospitals? Taking time out to focus on colouring is a good way to relax and de-stress and this adult colouring book is a perfect distraction.

Colouring Pencils:  To accompany the colouring book above. Also easily portable.

Comfort for Chemotherapy Hamper

Useful Items

Cool Food Bag:  Eating habits change during cancer for various reasons. Having several small meals a day and carrying nutritious snacks when travelling or for hospital and therapy appointments is useful. This small cooler suits this purpose. Practical, lightweight and robust enough for everyday use, this is ideal for taking both food or medicines when on the go or to keep by the bedside.

Water Bottle:  Keeping hydrated is very important when you have cancer. So in this chemotherapy gift box we have provided a UK manufactured water bottle which is easy to hold and has a wide neck for easy filling and cleaning. Eco-friendly, and BPA free.

Earphones:  Spare earphones can be used with devices when relaxing.

Access to cancer resources: Created to support people affected by cancer (including parents, friends, family and carers

Luxury Packaging

Your gift message can be included

Total sum of the items sold individually is £86.88

Our Price – £78.99


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One thought on “Comfort for Chemotherapy”

  1. I am so sorry about the loss of your father, Cancer is an awful illness. These hampers are an excellent idea. A friends son is currently having chemo and he is only 12 years old. Thankfully he;s through the worst of it. Sarah #FabFridayPost

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