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The Best Antique Lighting Solutions


When you’ve created your perfect interior design scheme, full of your favourite antique ornaments and classic furniture pieces, it’s time to add those all-important finishing touches. One element that you should never forget about is the lighting. Lighting can make the world of difference to your room and it’s important that your lighting choices complement your scheme. For instance, a beautiful antique living room wouldn’t look quite right with bright white lighting.   

Lighting can play a big part in creating an atmosphere. So, today we’re looking at different types of antique lighting and how to use them in your interior design scheme.      


For the quintessential antique lighting option, look no further than candlesticks. Antique silver candlesticks have the power to add so much atmosphere to a room, making you feel like you’ve stepped into your favourite Victorian novel. Of course, candlesticks aren’t always the most practical solution if you need a lot of light, but if you’re trying to create a romantic atmosphere, they’re perfect. For a low-lit atmospheric meal, position your antique candlesticks in the centre of your dining table. Or, for a more subtle approach, arrange some smaller candlesticks towards to edges of your room, such as on a mantlepiece, and allow them to catch the eye without dominating the scheme.  

candle sticks


The banker’s lamp 

To create that cosy vintage library aesthetic, a traditional banker’s lamp is a wonderful choice. These iconic green and gold lamps can still be found in many libraries, and they will bring an effortless vintage charm to your scheme. Antique and vintage banker’s lamps are especially appropriate for decorating an office. Together with an antique inkwell, paperweights, and other ornaments a banker’s lamp will help to give your office timeless charm.  

banker's lamp


If you like the idea of decorating with candles, but you’re looking for something a little more understated than a candlestick or a candelabra, then chambersticks could be the perfect option! Chambersticks are generally shorter in height than candlesticks and they have a base that is used to catch any dripping wax. They are also crafted with handles, so you can move them easily from room to room making them particularly easy to decorate with.  



Another way to add some light and atmosphere to your antique-inspired design scheme is to use some rustic lanterns. Antique and vintage lanterns are great options for alternative lighting, and they can add something special to interiors as well as gardens. From elaborately engraved silver lanterns to more simple industrial styles in brass or copper, there are plenty of options when it comes to adding lanterns to your scheme. As most lanterns already have a handle attached, they’re also very easy to decorate with. You could either hang them up in your living room or garden, with a candle inside or even place them in the centre of your dining table to create a centrepiece.  



There are so many ways to incorporate beautiful and interesting lighting ideas into your home design. And you’re sure to be wow-ed at what an incredible difference it makes! 

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: June 25, 2021 | Posted in: INTERIORS

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