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Vegamour Brand Special

Self care is something we hear about often, we should all  take some time to ourselves every week to make sure we feel relaxed, refreshed and pampered. Nothing feels better than healthy, shiny hair and that is wear Vegamour comes in. Vegamour is a brand with a holistic approach to hair wellness that incorporates clinically tested plant-based ingredients that work in tandem to promote healthy, beautiful hair naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals or short-term ‘fixes’ that can lead to long-term problems. They have carefully studied the power of nature through the lens of science to bring you the ultimate in total hair wellness & beauty that will leave your hair feeling nourished and amazing.

GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner Kit

Kit includes: GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and GRO Revitalizing Conditioner

Enhanced with clinically proven plant actives and Karmatin (the first-of-its-kind vegan keratin), this clean, colour-safe duo was made to bring you your shiniest, healthiest hair yet.

GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner utilise microencapsulated vegan b-SILK protein which physically bonds to hair follicles and remains attached to strands even after rinsing, making these nourishing formulas the world’s first chemical-free keratin hair treatment products. Wild harvested marula oil, organic murumuru butter and ximenia oil help to condition, hydrate and fight damaging free radicals without imparting pore-blocking residue.


GRO+ Advanced Brow Serum

Featuring the same plant-based formula that earned their original brow serum 4.5 stars, GRO+ Advanced Brow Serum takes your brow game to a whole new level with microencapsulated, full-spectrum CBD. Formulated to quickly penetrate and soothe skin, this concentrated cannabidiol works in tandem with phyto-actives to support your thickest, fullest brows ever.



GRO Biotin Gummies for Hair

GRO Biotin Gummies for Hair feature a proprietary combination of vitamins and minerals that help beautify strands, nourish the scalp and support healthy looking hair. These delicious vegan biotin hair gummies contain biotin and folic acid as well as vitamins B-5, 6 and 12 to help support your body’s production of keratin and collagen. Vitamins A, C and E work to neutralise follicle-damaging free radicals while zinc helps to promote and maintain scalp health.



GRO Revitalizing Scalp Massager

Give your scalp the love and care it deserves! The GRO Scalp Revitalizing Massager features a series of bristles that stimulate the scalp and boost scalp health, providing both an exhilarating scalp massage and relaxing experience. Ideal for all hair types, this hand-held massager can be used on a dry scalp, or to work in your Vegamour hair growth serums, foams, or shampoos.



GRO+ Advanced CBD Hair Serum

This revolutionary new formula features the same powerful phyto-actives found in VEGAMOUR’s best-selling GRO Hair Serum with the added benefit of micro-encapsulated, full-spectrum CBD. By reducing the size of the cannabidiol molecule from 2,000 nanometers to 150 nanometers, the beneficial CBD terpenes are able to penetrate through to the upper layer of the dermis, reaching hair follicles at the root level. This allows our proprietary blend of concentrated mung bean, red clover, curcumin and nicotiana benthamiana extracts to circulate more effectively into problem areas to strengthen roots and increase the appearance of hair density, thickness and volume.



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