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Love through lockdown

Love through lockdown

Falling in love can be difficult at any time, but finding love during lockdown is extremely daunting and has put many off trying to find that special person, With restrictions changing regularly it is important to adhere to the latest government coronavirus guidelines .However, have no fear Minime and Luxury have a top guide to find your perfect partner through lockdown.

Social media: Once used for updating “what is on your mind” and posting photos of every plate of food you made, its now a perfect place to strike up conversations and meet new people online. There are geographic dating sites, groups that specify sexual preferences and groups for newbies- those who are new to online meetings.

Love through lockdown

Dating App’s: There is a plethora of dating app’s, ranging from uniform specific- think police, fireman, nurses and doctors. Older dating sites for the more mature to allow you to put in a preferred age range, fetish date sites, lesbian and gay dating sites. As we mentioned it is important to follow the government guidelines with regards to meeting in person.

Dating Sites: You can choose a geographic area when looking at dating sites, for example if you live in Essex check out Essex dating, you can find dating sites for every area of the UK and indeed the world. It is great to build a solid online friendship beforehand without feeling the need to meet in person and that is one bonus for lockdown!

Love through lockdown

Virtual Dates: You might well ask how do you have a virtual date? There are so many awesome ideas, I am going to list my top 5:

Buy your date dinner: Order a meal for two using a delivery service (you can add credit to a site, if your date doesn’t feel comfortable revealing his/her address) and you can order a meal for yourself and the date to arrive at the same time, in two different locations and enjoy small talk whilst eating a delicious meal together.

Netflix date: You can choose a movie and you and your date watch it at the same time, and you can share your thoughts about the movie over facetime.

WhatsApp chat: Do you remember old school dating, when you would text late into the early hours of the morning? Lockdown is a perfect time for late night texting and getting to know your potential partner.

Go on a virtual walk together: Set up video calling and both go on a walk, you can talk about the scenery you both see, and have a chat in the open air away from staring at a screen.

Pub quiz: Host a living room pub quiz, load up on questions- there are lots of free downloads or make up your own and enjoy a drink together in your living rooms whilst learning lots about each other.

Lockdown Dating Don’ts

Don’t take things to heart: If virtual dating is new and you are not finding it easy or successful do not worry and take things to heart, remember all the bad dates you might have had in the past and start again.

Return to the ex: 1 in 5 of brits have contacted their ex throughout the pandemic but remember there was a reason for your split in the first place and it probably won’t be any better this time.

Don’t forget online safety: Unfortunately there are lots of ruthless people who see the pandemic as a way of connecting with vulnerable people, never meet anyone or share your address with someone you are not 100% sure about.

Don’t send money online: There are lots of scams where people build up an online friendship and fall for stories of hardship or emergency situations and these are fabricated to exploit people who are looking for love and want to see the best in someone.

Don’t rush to meet people if restrictions are lifted: If you do go and meet someone you have met online, tell a trusted friend or family member where you are going, it is also a good idea to share your location via snapchat or google maps so they can track your movements.

My number one piece of advice is to be kind to yourself, don’t rush into things and remember to love yourself.

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: November 23, 2020 | Posted in: MAMA

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