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JayceeBaby Playmat Review

I was asked to review the JayceeBaby “Perfectly Padded Playmat” in a professional capacity, after years of studying child development and related subjects through my work as a baby concierge, choosing products for clients – I thought this was a perfect project for me.

Sayjel’s son was just 4 months old when she noticed how flat his head had become. After seeing specialists and using a special helmet to correct it she realised that if she’d persevered with tummy time when her son was born, he might not have had to endure this. Sayjel and her sister Sonal then came up with the design for the Perfectly Padded Playmat – allowing babies to enjoy tummy time.

JayceeBaby Playmat

I was initially surprised at the size of the mat, but once unfolded I was astounded by the quality and thickness of the JayceeBaby play mat. I must have used dozens of playmats during my time as a probate maternity nurse and nanny, but nothing even comes close to this mat.

JayceeBaby Playmat

At an impressive 5cm thick, you can rest assured that even unstable babies are not going to have a bump when using this mat and also you can use on any surface as you are confident that it is substantial enough to use even on a wooden/tiled floor- of course babies and children should always be supervised and never left alone.

The mat has two sides, a baby side in a slightly softer fabric and has lots of interactive features which is perfect for little explorers and those who are having important tummy time. It features a black and white border perfect for newborns.

JayceeBaby Playmat


The toddler side has a firmer surface, perfect for those who are trying to crawl and walk. With such a large surface area 150x100cm you can allow your child to really have a go, rather than constantly pulling them back off a smaller mat. With lots of features to encourage imaginative play, which will help with speech and language development it was just perfect.

The outstanding features for me were:

The thickness- I had a lie and it is so comfortable.

Size- My son and I comfortably fit on the mat together, perfect for multiples!

Detachable plastic layer- great for messy play.

The range of interactive features on the baby side- great for almost all aspects of development.

Ease of use and storage, it has a handy strap to carrying and folds up neatly.

Hats off to Sayjel and Sonal on the JayceeBaby “Perfectly Padded Playmat” it is a really well thought out piece of essential baby kit and will be going on my top product list.

You can purchase the mat from https://jayceebaby.com/product/perfectly-padded-playmat/

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: January 24, 2018 | Posted in: MINI ME, NURSERY & BABY

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