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Christian Aid’s Big Brekkie

Christian Aid - Big Brekkie

Do you think that you could help Christian Aid by a hosting a fundraising breakfast during Christian Aid week between May 13-19th, 2018? The Big Brekkie can have a real impact on making a better life for others.

You could hold your Big Brekkie event at home, at work or even at your local church. Any money raised will go to help some of the world’s poorest people.

What could you do to help this valuable charity?

At home: Why not gather some neighbours together at your home one morning and have a lovely breakfast feast with pancakes, croissants, and fresh fruit? Ask for a donation towards the charity or all club together and ask neighbours to each bring a dish and all enjoy each other’s company.

At work: Be it porridge or toast, most work places at least have a toaster, a microwave and a kettle. So, get in early, brew up some tea and coffee, butter some toast (don’t forget the jam) and start raising some funds for a brilliant cause.

At church: Does your local church hall have a kitchen? I am sure most do, get a group of volunteers together and maybe do an amazing fry up! I’m sure the smell of sausages and bacon cooking could tempt may people to join you. Don’t forget all the extras like baked beans, mushrooms and tomatoes – yum!

Watch this video for some inspiration!


There is power in numbers so try and get a small team together to help you with the set up, many hands make light work after all. Try asking some local businesses for food donations, you’ll be surprised how many can help you out. Don’t forget to invite people in advance, social media or putting up posters or a small free advert in the What’s On listings at your local newspaper will help.

Suggest a donation amount, most people will want to appear generous but aren’t always sure how much to give.

Finally enjoy yourselves, after all it’s all about having fun too!

For more information visit Christian Aid’s website.



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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: April 27, 2018 | Posted in: FOOD, HEALTH & WELLBEING

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One thought on “Christian Aid’s Big Brekkie”

  1. I hadn’t heard about the Big Brekkie before – it sounds like a really great project!

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