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Q1.) Whats been the greatest highlight of your career?
A) I think the early starts the long days and the late nights paid off when I was able to open my very own salon in Mayfair, london.

Q2.) What are you never without?
A) Apart from being attached to my scissors, unfortunately, maybe it’s my mobile phone. My phone contains everything I need like my contacts and schedule, I’m never without it. I always forget to carry business cards.

Q3.) Favourite hairstyle?
A) Maybe it’s not about my favourite style but more about the love I have for beautifully textured undone hair, it looks effortless and sexy.

Q4.) What are you doing most of in the salon right now?
A) Colour has become even more popular than ever before from a head of highlights to balayage. I think people are experimenting a little more with their hair colour now and we view colour as an exciting change not just a hairstyle but a fashion statement.

Q5.) How would you describe your team.
A) This is a good question and deserves a very good answer, watching them as they talk to their clients and interact with each other in the salon intrigues me. They are perfectionist and skilful individuals in their own right. Their eye for detail, passion and dedication is what I really appreciate.

Q6.) Whats your best advice to a client
A) To get the right equipment at home when doing their own hair.
Most people don’t actually know what they need surprisingly, so ask your stylist, we can help advise you on the tools and equipment you really need.

Q7.) Suggestions…….?
A) It’s not just about having the right haircut or colour, it’s about having a good hairdryer, the correct shampoo and conditioner and the right styling products for your hair.

Q8.) what’s next for MatthewDavid ?
A) I think the big word this year is expansion, we’ve just launched a brand new product range including a wet range and styling range, another book is in the pipeline and the salon is opening up a second floor with around seven more sections. I guess it’s called moving forward onwards and upwards.

Q9.) what do you do with your days off?
A) I tend to lock myself away and turn my phone off ….. not really (laughs),,,, I love time away, walks, lazy lunches and time out back in my home town of Derbyshire.

Q10.) What’s the best thing about being a celebrity hairdresser?
A) I think the best thing would be the opportunities In meeting people from all walks of life and careers.
Actors and stresses, tv personalities, musicians, writers and authors the list goes on. However it’s really important to have your regulars to help keep your feet firmly where they should be.

Q11.) How long did it take you before you opened your own salon?
A) I started my early career in my home town of Derbyshire and moved to london at 17/18. I trained within a celebrity salon in Mayfair and qualified when I was 21. Soon I was to build up a following of both clients and celebrities gaining recognition within the hairdressing industry so I decided at
the age of 30 to open my very own salon in the heart of Mayfair.

Q12.) What is the waiting list to see you?
A) (smiles to self) when I first opened I had a waiting list of around 3 months which I must admit was a little overwhelming. However, I’m working in the salon almost everyday so if I am given the opportunity to catch up then I will.
I think at the moment I’m so on top of things it’s probably around 3 weeks.

Q13.) Tell me more about your private room?
A) we have a private room or VIP room for numerous reasons. Celebrities tend to hire the room mainly with people in the public eye looking for a little more privacy. It’s also in use when my barbers are providing cut throats shaving to give a more luxury gentleman’s grooming atmosphere.
I know some hairdressers from other salons have visited my salon and my staff have shown them around and the room has been quite a positive and exciting talking point, I just thought every salon had one.

Q14.)What is the best thing about your work?
A) the best thing about my work is it’s different everyday,different clients, cutting different shapes and seeing different colours. I get the chance to socialise regularly so I’m out after work almost every night for events and dinners. However, the work doesn’t stop once I get home…….
……and the worst?
Paperwork, invoices and marketing!!!!!!

Q15.) If you were not a hairdresser what would you be doing?
A) If I’m honest I couldn’t think of doing anything other than hairdressing. Although property has always interested me.
I’m also a big lover of classic cars and own a few, so maybe something that involves cars too.

Q16.) Do you have any big plans in 2017?
A) I’d like to expand the MatthewDavid organisation. I think you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of me on your social media this year.

Q17.) What has been your biggest disappoint?
A) I think the lack of encouragement from leading hairdressing magazines and editors of organisations in the industry. You open a magazine now and it’s all the same. Nothing has moved on in hairdressing it’s more the youngsters learning the old school practices thinking they’ve invented it (laughs) it’s been a long time since I went to a hair show and saw anything creative. That’s why I enjoy being an independent salon and have my very own in-house team that I am very close with. We teach each other our skills and share our own knowledge and it seems to work In symphony together.

Q18.) What have you seen develop the most in hairdressing.
A) Without question I think it has to be the Dyson hairdryer.
A hairdryers a hairdryer if you ask me, how’re, the concept in shape and design has to be the biggest change in hairdressing electricals.

Q19.) Is men’s Hairdressing as popular as women’s?
A) Absolutely, men have become so much more in tune now with the way they look. They want the expensive watch, designer clothes and hair is just another way of wearing fashion. It also goes in trends so hairstyles will rotate during the year. Products are a huge seller for the modern man from waxes, gels and pomade to name but a few. Watch out, the side parting is coming back.

Q20.) Lastly, What are your predictions to be on style in 2017, what colors and cuts can we expect to see?
A) I think people are looking for more noticeable and powerful colours and less subtle tones.. my colourist,Antonia, has been doing a lot of deep tones and warmer shades and Jasmin (colourist) has been up to her neck in ombré which equally seems to be bight in demand this year.
I predict many more people are looking for big hair changes and restyles so it’s going to be an exciting year ahead.

MatthewDavid Hairdressing salon can be found at 80 Duke street Mayfair london.
Reception on 02071122205

Prices for woman’s haircuts range between £65-£130
Men’s from £45-£90
Colour from 90-£500
Blowdry from £35-£65
Conditioning Treatments from £45

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