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Growth in luxury organic beauty

Weleda organic beauty products

The growth in the luxury organic beauty market.

I am passionate about many things; beauty products are high on my list of luxury products that I purchase but more recently I have been looking at how I can make substitutions for organic products.

Over the last month, I have made some changes to my regular favourite products and have replaced them with organic choices:

My usual aerosol deodorant has been changed for Weleda Citrus roll-on deodorant, my facial routine with various designer brands have been replaced with Weleda cleansing milk and pomegranate firming face serum, and my trusted hand cream and perfume have been placed on the top shelf and I have been using Weleda Almond hand cream and Jardine de vie Agrume natural perfume.

Weleda organic beauty products


All of the organic substitutions have been outstanding, these are not short term product swaps, these are products that I will continue using. The pomegranate firming serum left my face glowing and the deodorant worked just as well as a  non-organic product and I was amazed at how many commented on the fragrance.

Weleda organic beauty productsv

Is this why we are seeing Growth in the Luxury Organic Beauty Market, is it because there are more products available on the marketplace, or is it because people are becoming more educated about the benefits of going organic?

Weleda organic beauty products

I asked Jayn Sterland, Managing Director of Weleda UK her thoughts:

How has Weleda addressed the increased interest in luxury organic beauty items?

We often have the discussion internally about what ‘luxury’ really means – I have my definition inspired by ‘Positive Luxury’, the ‘Brand To Trust’ Butterfly mark for sustainable and luxury brands, which is that ‘luxury’ something of the best quality that makes you feel wonderful. For that reason I consider all Weleda products to be luxury, as it is the quality of the product and not the price.

 How much in your opinion has the luxury organic beauty market increased?

Over the past few years we have seen renewed interest in Weleda and our product range – particularly in everyday use products such as shower products and toothpastes, showing demand for premium quality even on an everyday basis, not just for special occasions, which is how it should be.

 Does Weleda have any intentions to expand its range of luxury beauty items?

As every Weleda product is, by its very nature, the most sustainable and the most organic we can make, it’s difficult to answer this question, except to say that we are always looking to expand our range with new products and have this year launched our very first collection of colour cosmetics with our tinted lip balms. We are also introducing a new range of fabulously scented roll-on deodorants which are as eco-friendly as they are skin-friendly, and will expand our popular trio of fragrant vaporiser deodorants.

Weleda organic beauty products


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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: January 10, 2018 | Posted in: HEALTH & WELLBEING, MAMA

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3 thoughts on “Growth in luxury organic beauty”

  1. I use an organic deodorant and I think they’ve come on massively in the last few years. I do think people are becoming more concerned with what they put on their skin, so the increase in popularity of organic ranges makes perfect sense. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. I love Weleda – I used to smell all the baby products in Waitrose. There was a lovely smelling lotion. The perfume sounds lovely. Sarah #sharingthebloglove

  3. there is definitely been a change in the availability of organic as the popularity seems to increase and I think its brilliant #Sharingthebloglove

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