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Ways to make your home more luxurious

luxury home

After a long day of playing tourist in your holiday destination of choice, your body is met by those beautifully soft Egyptian cotton sheets and fluffy pillows that leave you wondering if the hotel staff would notice if you slipped one in your luggage (this is stealing so don’t do this!). In the morning,
you awake from a wonderfully relaxing and deep sleep and pad your feet along the lush, thick-pile carpet into the spa style bathroom. The full and plentiful jets in the shower awaken your senses to the new day, and the gorgeously scented lavender soap from certainly smells delicious and oh so

This is just a taste of what it’s like to stay in a luxury hotel, and most of us are willing to sink our hard-earned money into such an experience because you’re on holiday…and because you deserve it!

So why is it that when the trip is over and you’re back to reality in your own home , you’re greeted by an unmade bed, a untidy living room, and a bathroom that’s seen better days? There certainly isn’t a chocolate awaiting you on the pillow…unless it’s crumbs from that chocolate bar you last
had while sitting on your bed before you left for your holidays!

Isn’t it worth it to experience even a small version of this luxury in our daily existence? If we love it so much on holiday, why not create something similar for ourselves. No matter the budget, a lavish lifestyle can be achieved at home, it just takes a few small steps and some imagination or

Ok, so we don’t all have maids to do the beds and clean our bathrooms for us, but it’s not all about the cleanliness, it’s also about how the space makes you feel…and we can all recreate that! Plus, if you keep it tidy as you go, the cleaning up part won’t seem quite so huge of a job. Here are a few ways to add a little bit of luxury to your every day home life…

A Lavish Bedroom
The bed should take center stage in your luxury bedroom. Think of all the hotels that you’ve visited where the bedroom is always well-designed and thought out with matching bedding, and even matching pillows and curtains. Online shops such as Lionshome have a great selection of bedroom
accessories to help you choose some beautiful pieces. Obviously the mattress should be supportive (whether that’s a hard or soft mattress to you), then
layer it with luxurious, plump goose down pillows, Egyptian cotton sheets (buy the highest thread count you can afford), and a down comforter or duvet cover. Fit for a King or Queen and fitted outwith a plush headboard. Use inspiration from your previous hotel visits, and the things you loved
when planning your luxurious bedroom. Essentially, the bedroom is the one room that you shouldn’t skimp on. Sadly, it’s the room most homeowners ignore since guests don’t see it and you only use it to sleep in (mostly) but why shouldn’t where you sleep be just as luxuriously as every other room in the house?! Give yourself the gift of luxury with a bedroom that you deserve to wake up to each morning, and don’t forget that little chocolate on the pillow…it’s all about the little touches!

Replicate a Spa Bathroom in Your Home

Moving from the bedroom into the bathroom, you should enter an equally serene and luxurious feel. Think of the best hotel you’ve ever stayed in, what amenities did the bathroom have, what’d you love about it?

You probably found a separate walk-in shower with powerful jets, possibly a jacuzzi style bath tub, and a double set of large sinks with large mirrors, possibly lit by glitzy wall lights and finished off with an offering of expensive soaps and scents to treat your body.

Not forgetting the plush and super soft towels and the bathrobe made of supreme-quality cotton that you just want to live in! All you need now is a heated towel rack to show off your beautiful towels and under floor heating to treat your feet.

Lastly, get yourself a few of your favourite candles to have on while you take a deep and relaxing bath with some luxurious bubbles.

luxury home

Lavish Lighting

A hotel is never dark or dreary, rather, it always seems to be well lit with sparkling chandeliers, side lamps, wall sconces or artsy lights. Think about what kind of lighting you have in your home. Do they fit your style or the feel you are going for? Do you love them? Are they modern? Is the light too harsh? Consider changing out dated lights with modern, sculptural light fixtures that reflect your personality. It’s also best to have a dimmer installed on overhead lights as they are key for mood lighting.

Do your side tables have lamps? If not then perhaps you could add some, especially if it’s quite a naturally darkroom. Table lamps don’t have to be boring or matchy-matchy, why not use them as a bit of a feature for the room. Go for something a bit out there, a conversation starter perhaps?  

Mimicking a luxury hotel inside your own home can be done, whether budget is a concern or not. It’s definitely worth the time and money to add a hint of glamour to your home and give yourself the hotel experience every day!

What do you do to add a little luxury hotel style to your home?

*This is a collaborative post*

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: October 17, 2018 | Posted in: LUXE

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