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Super Cool Playroom


Playrooms are often associated with clutter and mess where interior designing is concerned. However with a little bit of commitment and clever storage planning these dens can be converted into an ultimate dreamland for children and a magical getaway for the whole family to enjoy. Here are a few playroom design ideas for a try we are sure will keep everyone in the house engaged productively.

Use bright colours

Any colour which makes you happy is a good choice for a playroom. Primary colours, like black, white or brown are known to stimulate the senses and are considered excellent for developing the child’s brain and improves the eyesight as well. A funky striped den will look adventurous and stylish also.

Install the right flooring

What better way to encourage your child to develop and grow in an environment made vibrant by a striking floor? In practical terms cheap vinyl flooring is a superb option for a child’s playroom. Vinyl is durable and is known for its resistance to moisture and general wear and tear. So invest in a floor that your kids will not ruin even if they drop something heavy on it and worst case even if they do – heck, it didn’t put a dent in your wallet in the first place. 

Stick Wall Decals

Removable wall decals are a fun way to create a child’s interest in the playroom. There are tons of trendy and innovative designs in various colours depending on the choice of the little one. For example, you can use confetti stickers to decorate an entire wall to give a wall-paper type look, or an alphabet poster to let your toddler learn ABC in style.

Set up cabinets

A nicely built storage area can make a playroom look completely transformed and look more organized. Decluttering is the perfect answer to make your child’s space clean with plenty of built-in cabinets which make storage ideal for games and toys. In rooms with no closets, cabinets and shelves can be lifesavers and make a playroom look stylish and modern.

Choose comfortable seating

If you want to create that one special area for your child to play, explore and learn then it has to be an exciting and welcoming playroom. Whether it is a rocking chair or a beanbag, comfortable seating goes a long way in making a good environment for playing, reading and cuddling. The ideal seating should be flexible, suitable for toddlers to schooler’s alike.

Add a book nook

To encourage your kids to read, dedicate a corner of the playroom into a book nook. The bookcase should be at a low height to keep the books in plain view and offer easy access. Add a seat also so that the child can get cosy with his favourite book.

A dedicated playhouse is a wonderful way to provide children with their own space and at the same time keep the toys and garnish out of the living room. Additionally, decorating for a whimsical place is good fun and gives you a chance to work with the kids and embrace your own inner child.

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: November 27, 2020 | Posted in: INTERIORS

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