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Stocking Fillers with Wicked Uncle

Wicked Uncle gifts

Well, time is passing as quickly as ever, we are well into November already so it is that dreaded time when we all need to think about Christmas shopping. It can often to be tricky to know what to buy – this is where Wicked Uncle comes in!

Wicked Uncle have gifts sorted into categories for different ages and likes, for example creative, outdoorsy etc. So if you are struggling to buy for a 5 year old boy – you can just click on that category and browse through – brilliant! You can then select your gifts and at the check out you can also choose whether you would like them gift wrapped too.

We have been having a browse and selected a few stocking fillers:

1. Dinosaur Torch and Projector. View cool dino images on your walls and ceilings including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops and more. Perfect for smaller hands, the 11cm long torch comes with three slide discs with 24 colour Dinosaur photographs, with images that project up to one metre wide. Can also be used as a normal torch without the slides in place.

2. Unicorn Glitter Face Paint Sticks. Very easy to use, these fabulous face glitters come on sticks like crayons, gliding smoothly onto your skin. When the glitter stick wears down, simply twist the base and reveal some more. There are six great glittery colours to enjoy; white, purple, pink, blue, gold and silver and they are easily washed off with soap and water or face wipes.

3. Glo Stars Glow in the Dark. This fun 50 piece set of glowing stars with peelable sticky pads comes in a smart tin. Fix them to ceiling and walls, turn out the lights and revel in their display as they glow in the dark. Create your own patterns and dream up your own far, far away galaxies, bringing the spectacle of the sky at night to your bedroom.

4. Spy X Night Vision Goggles. With tinted blue lenses to enhance night vision, switch on full mode to get directional beams of the bright blue LED light, leaving both hands free to explore. With stretchy elastic straps, they will fit heads of all sizes. Flip out the retractable scope and 2x magnifying lens to spot targets from greater distances. Perfect for fun spying escapades or sneaking down to the fridge at night.

5. Ukick – Tricks and Stunts Master. The aim of the game is to keep the UKick in the air with your feet and other parts of your body and prevent it from touching the ground. There are six discs on the base and will float easily with just one disc, perfect for beginners. The more weights you add, the quicker the UKick flies and the challenge gets harder.

6. Super Scarab Putty – Colour shifting illusion. This mesmerising putty has tones of purple, blue, green and copper that shift colour before your eyes. Twist up a handful, lay it on the table and watch as it goes back to its original shape as the kaleidocope of colours shift in the light. You can do almost anything with this putty and it never dries out – stretch it, snap it, tear it, even make it into a ball and bounce it.

7.Unicorn Hoopla. The soft felt-covered headband has cute ears and a lustrous gold horn, with long coloured ribbons for a flowing rainbow mane. Take turns with a friend to proudly wear the headband and try catching the rings on either the horn or the ears. The three 10cm soft foam pink rings are covered in fabric ribbon and are easy to throw, like a mini frisbee.

8. Strawberry Cheesecake Popcorn. This award-winning gourmet popcorn from Joe and Seph’s is handmade in London using all natural ingredients. Air-popped for a better texture and taste, the unique cooking technique allows the flavour to unlock as you crunch down on the popcorn. It takes about 8 seconds from sweet caramel to delicious creamy cheese and strawberry,

9. Hopping Chocolate Frogs with Popping Candy. Filled with pieces of popping candy for a truly sensational taste. Part of a range of award-winning chocolates handmade in Somerset. This pack of five tasty frogs really is chocolate to make you smile.

*This is a collaborative post*


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