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Steiff Special

Steiff is probably one of the most well-known German-based plush toy company. It was founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, a seamstress. The toys began as elephants, and were originally a design Steiff found in a magazine and sold as pincushions to her customers. Today many people adore Steiff bears and they are classed as real collectors items.

The Steiff bears and animals come with a white label with either red or black writing. They have the famous Steiff tag and a gold plated button in the ear – a sign of quality and authenticity. Her are just a few of our favourites from the collection:


Steiff Santa Christmas Musical Teddy Bear

He is traditionally dressed in a festive outfit which is made of the finest mohair and wool plush with red on his body and smart hat, black feet and white head. His face has a smart black nose and mouth – both of which have been hand stitched by the specialist people in the workshop in Steiff.
Large friendly black eyes and ears – in one is the famous Steiff button with Steiff limited edition label.

And finally he has the white moustache and beard – which I am sure keeps him very warm on his late nights delivering his presents!



Steiff Erik Reindeer

Erik Reindeer is made from the finest mohair and wool felt. He is beautifully sculpted in a combination of short and long pile mohair and has an elegant head and antlers. His legs are wire-reinforced which makes him stand tall and majestically and his little paw pads have ankles of white fur whilst his body is made of white mohair – and he has a little tail.




The British Collectors Teddy Bear 2021

He is made from the finest cream mohair and fully jointed (which means you can move his head, arms and legs). His face has a large hand embroidered mouth and nose in deep brown thread together with enticing black glass eyes. Cream felt paw pads – and just turnover the bear backwards and forwards and you will hear his famous Steiff growler just for you.

To make him even more special to give to someone you love he has been dressed with a bow made from two colours of orange and bright blue.
He is a classic ‘COLLECTORS BEAR’ whose design is based on the original Steiff bears from early 1900’s – which is why he is so famous.



Steiff Disney Winnie The Pooh 95th Anniversary

Winnie the Pooh is made of paper plush and ecological Violan felt paw pads. He is fully jointed (which means you can move his arms, legs and head) and has a little round tummy. And he is beautifully dressed in his famous red shirt which is made of linen. Being part of the ‘Teddies for Tomorrow’ this bear is filled with recycled PET bottles and is made from Sustainable Paper Plush and Felt.


Steiff Mr Big Black

He is made from high quality black alpaca and the face around his nose has been made to show beige.  He is standing and 1-way jointed (which means you can move his head). Pert little ears, shiny black eyes and magnificent hand stitched black nose with a mouth which goes from cheek to cheek.
His paw pads are made from beige felt and you can see his claws have been hand stitched on each one.


Steiff Winter Polar Bear

Polar bears are loved by Steiff and here they have made a very special WINTER POLAR BEAR – whose head is moveable – and has a magical face with black shiny eyes and hand embroidered large black nose and mouth. To make him even more loveable – he has shiny golden ‘stripe’ on his black nose.
His paw pads have been hand embroidered with black threads to show his ability to walk very quietly on the snow – and to make him even more collectible he has a distinctive Swarovski star pendant on his front chest.


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