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Saving energy

saving energy

This year I have decided to look more into our energy consumption and how to make our life a great  greener, and to to assess our sustainability. We have already started turning off our electrical items as energy conservation is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Leaving your electricals on standby needlessly uses up energy – hit the off switch and you could see huge improvements, most noticeably in your energy bills!

saving energy

I then researched windows, and there is quite a lot to learn. A number of different factors contribute to energy efficiency of a window and I asked Three Counties they stated “we use Pilkington glass as standard because we know that we are using a trusted product that will improve the efficiency of your home”

The Window Energy Rating (WER) ranges from G to A and more people are now looking or A rated efficiency when choosing their replacement windows. Factors that are taken into consideration include the total solar transmittance, how much air can pass through the window seals and how well heat is retained by the glass – all these factors combined will contribute to the window’s overall rating.

I discovered that there is double and triple glazing and the amount of money you can save on your heating bill can be huge, check out  discounted windows from Home Counties and see how much you can save and decrease your carbon footprint.

When you are looking at other ways to save money on your heating, look at your doors. Choose from a range of energy efficient windows and doors with the choice of uPVC, aluminum and timber double glazing that all offer improved energy performance. You wouldn’t choose white goods such as fridges and dishwashers that aren’t energy efficient so nor should you with your windows and doors. Always look out for the ‘Window Energy Rating’ label that will look similar to these other electrical appliances. Ratings start from a ‘G’ (for poor energy performance) through to the best performing ‘A’ rated energy windows. Three counties has a great selection of composite doors which  offer fantastic security, style and energy efficiency.

saving energy

Are there any other home improvements you can make to reduce your house’s carbon footprint? Simply yes there is! the most important is making sure your home is well insulated. Trapping heat effectively is the best way to trim down your energy usage – the biggest producer of carbon emissions in the home. 

Make sure heat drains like gusty lofts and window frames are fully stoppered up. Beyond this you can make additional efforts to draught proof your house – by blocking the edges of doors and windows for example. Replacing an inefficient gas boiler can yield important energy gains, and another tip is replacing halogen bulbs with more energy efficient LED bulbs.

Did you know, homes currently account for around 20% of our emissions, yet action to reduce these emissions has been slow, with 21 million homes currently below EPC rating C, meaning they are not efficient. WWF is working to secure effective energy efficiency and renewable heat policy to ensure we reduce the emissions coming from our homes to meet UK carbon budgets.

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: January 14, 2021 | Posted in: INTERIORS

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