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Private plane travel with children

We are going to share our top tips on flying with a private plane with children, the main difference is if you are travelling as a guest on a private plane or if you are chartering the plane yourself.

If you are travelling as a guest on a private plane, there are some simple yet important etiquette rules:
1.Arrive on time to the airport, 20 minutes before take-off is fine
2.Dress smartly, I like a comfortable cashmere jumper and slacks
3.Don’t over pack, one soft sided bag per person is recommended as space can be limited on smaller aircrafts. Do not assume that you can bring a large buggy, check in advance.
4.Always allow your host to board first as they may have a preference to where they sit.
5.Be prepared, bring enough trusted toys and activities to keep children busy on the flight, do not pack noisy toys, ones that require a large amount of space or ones that make a mess (play dough/felt pens etc)
6.Don’t assume a private plane will be child friendly, be discreet and do not upset your host by being too demanding but if something poses a risk to children talk to the crew.
7.The plane will have enough food/drink to last the flight but if your child only drinks a certain brand of juice be sure to bring it along.
8.If I am travelling as a guest on a private plane with children, I always have a small stain remover and air freshener with me in case of emergencies.
9.Bring a thoughtful gift for the host, I always get something personalised and seasonal.
10.Do not offer to contribute to the flight if you are a guest but remember to tip the crew

If you are chartering the plane:
1.Speak to the agent in advance to confirm luggage allowance
2.Pre-order food and snacks of choice
3.Be on time or call in advance if you are running late
4.Take ipads and toys to keep children entertained during the flight
5.Child proof the plane on entry, for example move glassware from tables and unsuitable beverages
6.Encourage the children to adhere to the new destination time zone as soon as you step on the plane
7.Eat small light meals and drink lots of water on the flight
8.Tip and thank the crew on departure


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