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Personal Protection

Bodyguard or Personal Protection Specialist?

Today we are hearing from Jeroen Stam from the Chameleons Group asking the question – “A bodyguard or a multiple skilled Executive Personal Protection Specialist?” I’ll hand you over to Jeroen.

We all have images in our heads about a bodyguard: A big muscled shaved head person protecting red carpet celebrities, performing artists, sportsmen or political exposed persons.

For obvious reasons they exist.

Bodyguard or Personal Protection Specialist?

I don’t want to go into details here about them as our speciality is to be of assistance to high profile corporate and private UHNWi and families that don’t want to be on the front pages but might be exposed to risk due to their nature of wealth, business or position.

We all know security is a liability and no one likes to spend too much on it.  But take into account:

Most people, when they have to make a risk assessment on the possibility about the change of something that might happen are used to looking at the past occurrence: “It never happened so why should it happen now?”

Personal Protection is not a legal obligation like a car or home insurance and in case of an accident a car can be replaced. Damage done to individuals or family members, the physical and psychological impact can be enormous, life changing forever and non-replaceable.

Times have changed as we see with the attacks during recent years. Most still are carried on mass in public and not on specific individuals though but again that was in the recent past….

Multiple skilled Executive Personal Protection Specialists:

Because we understand the fact that a ‘bodyguard’ is a liability which has not much extra to offer apart from security, Chameleons Group, decided to create a pool of multiple skilled Specialist (F/M) with combined military (Special Forces), law-Enforcement, Intelligence Agency, Personal Assistant, Business and/or UHNWI Household Management background.

Every specialist in our pool needs to have professional experience and skills like: Being multiple lingual, Security Driving, PA skills, Confidante and being an adviser and Household Management.

The understanding of business and family protocols is essential. Light butler or hosting experience is an added value to comfort guest on special family, corporate events or settings.

From the personal point:

Our Specialists have very strong interpersonal communication and analytical skills.

They must be able to think three steps ahead, thinking out of the box, be able to step out their comfort zone, having a holistic approach and be flexible to quickly change to a new unexpected situation especially dealing with families with children.

Confidentiality, Integrity and Reliability are the three main pillars our principles can rely on.

Bodyguard or Personal Protection Specialist?

Our team spends hours and hours on dynamic risk assessments and preparations to avoid risk and take measurements with a most minimal impact on our principles social lives.

Assessments including analysing the usage of multimedia, connections, daily routines, route planning, liaison, reconnaissance are a few factors to mention.

All our Specialists are non-smokers, love pets and children, have no visible tattoos, being well groomed, articulate and preferably having a degree.

Our aim is to make our principles busy and fast paced, working and private life as secure and comfortable as possible.

Jeroen Stam



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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: December 15, 2017 | Posted in: LUXE

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