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Outdoor activities with Huckleberry


Huckleberry by Kikkerland is a line of products that invites kids to play outside. They provide simple tools and toys to help the children start their own outdoor adventure, while experiencing the beauty of nature. Enjoy feeling the sun on your skin while looking for flowers, and see the beautiful colours of a butterfly or the dragonflies when you test your self-made boat. Huckleberry is about learning by playing together and having outdoor fun!

We had some great days playing outdoors, the fresh flower necklace is brilliant because you can reuse it and there are so many options. Minime loved the pressed art flower frame and ended up giving it a relative as a birthday present- which they thought was the most amazing gift.

The dual magnifier is great for spooning new little critters and them you can write down your new friends in the waterproof sketchbook.

Fresh Flower Necklace

Pick your favourite flowers and make a beautiful necklace for yourself or a friend! Made of genuine leather with strong magnetic copper closure. Instructions: Pick flowers or leaves with long thick stems. Lace the stems through the necklace.

flower necklace

Dual Magnifier

Get up close and personal with nature on your next outdoor adventure. Huckleberry Dual Magnifier is the perfect tool for inspecting small insects, plants, and more. Tie it to your bag or belt and be ready to scope out any natural treasure you find.

Kikkerland’s Huckleberry Dual Magnifier features two shatterproof lenses with 5x and 10x magnification. Includes cord to attach securely to backpacks, belt loops or wrist.

Grass whistle

Whistle with grass like a seasoned outdoor pro with the Grass Whistle from Huckleberry! Entertain your friends, liven up a camp fire, or get in touch with nature during a hike with this simple, eco-friendly bamboo grass whistle.

grass whistle

Just add a blade of grass! The Huckleberry Grass Whistle uses magnets and bamboo to create the perfect whistle tone from a blade of grass. Very portable, and no prior experience necessary!

Waterproof Sketchbook

Sketching in the elements has never been easier with this waterproof sketchbook. 80 waterproof sheets.

waterproof sketchbook



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