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Moments that Matter


Capturing Bump, Birth and Beyond

I have always loved printed photographs. I used to be the one who would spend ages pawing through old photo albums – reminiscing on old times. There was something so exciting about waiting for your photographs, especially from a film camera, to be printed. When digital cameras and then smart phones became available, I think a lot of us stopped making physical photo albums. I know I did, storing these images on my phone or computer instead. But, in my eyes you can’t beat a good old fashioned photo album full of prints to look through – capturing those moments that matter the most.

Something I would recommend any expecting parents to do would be to create a photo time-line from pregnancy onwards. Start capturing the magic when you find out you are expecting by setting up a birth announcement photograph. These could be done using a letter board, scan pictures and baby booties set up as a flat lay. Then month by month have a bump picture taken to see how much you and your baby are growing!

Some couples like to document the birth, there are many photographers who are wonderful and capturing this moment. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, so if you would rather not have pictures during the birth you could always go for a newborn photoshoot. You can go for natural lifestyle shots as well as some set up, more stylised photos using props. Don’t forget to get plenty of pictures of you as a family, quite often the baby will be the main focus, but trust me, you will appreciate having been in these pictures too.

Documenting milestones is also a great thing to do, you could use milestone cards in your photos, for example “my first smile” or “the first time I crawled.” It is lovely to print these pictures out or present them in a photo book and watch how your little ones change each month. I like to use a mixture of snaps that have been captured naturally as well as some lovely portraits.

Capturing memories such as foot prints and hand prints is also a lovely idea. Scrapbooks can be put together with so many memories inside. There are many options for showing and storing your prints including photo books, albums, prints of various sizes and canvases. You can also put together a shadow box frame which can contain items as well as pictures. I like to use a three-aperture frame which shows three images next to each other. You can go from scan, to bump to baby!

Printed pictures also make great gifts for family, most grandparents really appreciate a lovely photograph of their grandchild in a nice picture frame to rest on their sideboard or to hang on the wall. So whether you are capturing the pictures yourself or using a professional photographer, always save your favourites to a folder and maybe once a month get a selection printed out.


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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: September 15, 2021 | Posted in: MAMA

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