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Making Yogurt with the Probio7 Life

AD – the item in this review was gifted

There’s something exciting and satisfying about making something from scratch isn’t there? Minime and Mama have been having a go at making our own fresh yogurt with the Probio 7 Life machine and it has been great fun. This yogurt is full of gut friendly bacteria, so it is really good for your digestive system. It has been proven that eating fermented foods on a regular basis has been shown to support good gut health. One of the best ways to do this is to consume live yogurt. Each Probio7 Happy Gut bacterial sachet contains three strains of friendly bacteria, including Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG.n Each serving delivers 6 billion clinically researched bacteria to your gut alive!

The UHT milk provided in the kit has added benefits to your health too, you will use Jersey UHT milk which boasts more calcium, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and it also contains more potassium that a banana. If you are vegan the Jersey UHT milk can be swapped for plant based alternatives. We recommend soya milk as the best plant based alternative.


The machine itself comes with two different types of jars,  a recipe book, a bottle, a carton of UHT milk, a sachet of bacteria and the yogurt making machine with instructions. It also comes with two ceramic yogurt pots which you can use to store your freshly made yogurt in.

We found the yogurt maker to be very user friendly and simple to use; here is a simple run-down on how to make your own yogurt.

1. Add a litre of Jersey UHT milk and one sachet of Probio7 Happy Gut to your mixing bottle. Add the lid, shake it up and transfer the yogurt to your ceramic pots.

2. Add 400ml of water to your Probio7 Life machine, add your pots. Add the lids to your pots and then close the machine lid.

3. Select the yogurt making function on the machine and that is it! In eight hours you will have fresh delicious yogurt which you can store in the fridge.

Minime really enjoyed making yogurt, it was really simple to do and he found it much more interesting then buying shop bought yogurt.

yogurt bowl

You could use your yogurt for many recipes including overnight oats, a chocolate yogurt dip for your strawberries or a savoury tzatziki dip. We were happy to enjoy a delicious creamy bowl of yogurt with some fresh berries. It was really tasty and it can also be kept in the fridge in one of the ceramic jars with the lid on it will last in there for almost a week.

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: February 9, 2022 | Posted in: FOOD

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