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Magformers – The Perfect Present


If you are struggling with Christmas gift ideas for your kids, look no further. we have discovered Magformers!


Magformers construction sets foster brain development through fun and educational exploration. Each set contains various pieces in simple geometric shapes: triangles, squares, rhomboids and many other shapes that can easily connect only using built-in magnets. Magformers is recognised globally as a leader in STEM toys and educational products, with learning and 3D brain development through play at its core. We love the bright colours!

Children can make 2D flat shapes then transform them into 3D geometric structures. The structures are very easy to assemble, take apart, then build again. Internationally, Magformers has received more than 50 global educational and toy awards, including a Gold and Bronze medal in the UK Practical Pre-School Awards.


How does it work?

A magnet has a positive and negative pole. The opposite poles of the magnet attract each other while the same poles of the magnet repel each other. The neodymium magnets which are within all the edge surfaces of Magformers make them rotate to any direction and connect each other regardless of their position.


There are categories to choose from including Vehicles, Nature and Building Design. Online you well find sets to suit all different ages from pre-schooler’s upwards.

Unlike some other construction toys, which limit children to building only specified models, Magformers pieces can be used freely allowing children to build any shapes they like.


The Standard Line sets contain anything from 6 to 62 pieces and with a mix of squares, triangles and pentagons, children learn about the different properties of shapes while they play.

For older children in Key Stage 1 or 2, there are a wide range of boxed sets that introduce STEM activities and gears, lighting, motors, and remote controls.


I can see kids spending hours building with these!

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: November 29, 2018 | Posted in: MINI ME

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One thought on “Magformers – The Perfect Present”

  1. Sabina Green says:

    Oh wow! These look fab, my kids would love them.

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