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Keeping safe during Covid

covid-19 safety tips

5 Simple Essentials to Keep Your Family Safe During the Covid Pandemic

Protecting yourself, your family, your loved ones, and your community in the age of Covid is incredibly important. By preventing the spread of the virus, we can help return our lives back to normality. There are several essential tools that can help us to keep safe during the pandemic, and reduce the spread of the virus throughout our homes and our communities. Here we are going to look at five of the most important household essentials that we all should use to protect ourselves and our loved ones during this challenging period.

Disposable Paper Masks

Masks and mask-wearing quickly become important during the early days of the Covid pandemic, and they are an important tool for us all to use to help prevent the spread of the virus and to protect ourselves, our families, and others.

Reusable cotton masks, often homemade, became the popular choice for many, but these can actually be harmful to use over long periods. Any cotton mask needs to be washed regularly in order to maintain its effectiveness, and a dirty mask can often cause negative health effects other than Covid, including bacterial chest infections. Disposable paper masks are a much better alternative to reusable cotton masks and are inexpensive and handy to keep around.

The only caveat here is that you must be very careful to dispose of paper face masks in a responsible manner and encourage your family members to do the same. Casting paper masks aside without placing them in a waste bin is bad for the environment and likely to spread the virus on to other surfaces, which may infect other people.

Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Preventing the spread of germs and bacteria of all kinds is always important in the household, but during the age of Covid, it is even more important. To stock up on supplies, it can be a good idea to shop online to limit the time you spend outside of your home. Galleon Supplies have a wide range of excellent antibacterial cleaning products including antibacterial hand wipes that you can keep around the home, in the car, and even in your pocket. They have been supplying homes and businesses with high-quality antibacterial cleaning products for over fifty years, and always ensure that the products they sell are of the highest quality available so that you can use them with confidence.

Keep a pack of antibacterial hand wipes in your bag when you go to work or visit the supermarket. Most places now have handwashing stations at the entrance, to allow people to disinfect their hands. But it’s sensible to have your own pack, just in case there are no facilities available.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitisers

One of the most common ways for the Covid virus to spread is through touch. The virus is known to stay active on surfaces for hours or even days, and by touching an infected surface and then your mouth, eyes, or nose you can become infected. You can even pass the virus to other people through handshakes, for instance.

Hand sanitiser has become an essential product for protecting yourself and the people close to you from Covid. They are essential for the home and should be used when returning from outside, and after interactions with delivery personnel and visitors. A small, portable pocket-sized bottle is also important to carry with you to use after you have visited shops or public spaces to help keep you and your family protected when on the move.

A Bottle of Antibacterial Spray

Keep your home well-stocked with antibacterial surface spray and use it regularly. Disinfect surfaces often, paying particular attention to door handles and areas where you enter the home. Wipe down light switches, handles, stair banisters, and any other area your family touches daily. This helps to prevent the virus from being transmitted via hard surfaces in the home.

Do this in your car too, as there are lots of hard surfaces inside where the virus may linger. Wipe down door handles, the steering wheel, and any touch screen devices in the car. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Video Calling App

Download a video calling all so you can keep in touch with loved ones without putting them at risk of infection. Tools like Zoom and FaceTime are a godsend right now, as they are an easy and convenient way to touch base with friends and family. Use them daily to be sure loved ones don’t feel lonely and abandoned.

By making proper use of these simple household essentials, we can protect ourselves and our families, as well as our wider communities during this unprecedented pandemic. Antibacterial products like hand wipes and sanitisers should always be close by, in the home or our cars or our pockets, to keep us healthy and Covid free.


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