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How to improve stamina and fitness


What a very weird year and a half the world has had! With many of us either having had Covid-19 or knowing someone has had it – our energy levels and motivation have certainly taken a hit! Some people who have recovered from Covid -19 may still be experiencing certain side effects associated with the illness, for many this may include fatigue and breathing issues.


A friend of mine suffered very badly with Covid-19 and was very ill for a few weeks with breathing difficulties and fatigue – she even ended up in hospital. This lady is in her early 40s and works as a physio and personal trainer – all in all you would not have expected somebody who works out regularly to have suffered so badly. Ever since she has dealt with extreme tiredness and also shortness of breath.

I think trying to regain strength and fitness levels after an illness can feel overwhelming – especially if you have struggled with breathing problems.

Breathing Facts

  • Expiration is normally passive (only during heavy exercise does it become forced).
  • Inspiratory muscles play a vital role in the efficiency of breathing at rest and also during exercise.
  • Strength of the inspiratory muscles reduces with age (approximately 25 years).
  • Weaker inspiratory muscles are usually highlighted with breathlessness, especially in the elderly.
  • At rest we use as little as 8-12 litres of air per minute.
  • During exercise we can use around 100 litres of air per minute.
  • Respiratory rate is a significant predictor of critical illness.

To help get your fitness and health levels back – we have found out all about POWERbreathe – the company have been making Inspiratory Muscle training (IMT) tools since the 90s, and they were recently recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a great tool in COVID-19 recovery. This would be a great tool for patients suffering from respiratory illness and healthy people, including athletes at all levels of competition.

Inspiratory Muscle training is scientifically proven to benefit the respiratory system – POWERbreathe exercises the inspiratory muscles (those used to breathe in), improving your strength and stamina and reducing fatigue.  There are devices to suit all levels and budgets and breathing training requirements including beginners, intermediate and advanced and there is a special Medic Plus for people with severe breathing difficulties.


It’s a fact that there are differences in breathing capacity between males and females. Women have disproportionately smaller radial rib cage dimensions and a shorter diaphragm compared to men, making it harder to move air in and out of the lungs. But it’s not only this that affects the amount of lung capacity we have, but age, size and ethnicity are all factors as well.

Other things you should be doing to improve your stamina are regular exercise whether that is walking daily, working out or swimming it will help to kick-start your energy levels. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated and eat healthily and at regular intervals throughout the day. Skipping meals can leave you feeling lethargic as can snacking on junk food.


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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: June 30, 2021 | Posted in: HEALTH & WELLBEING

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