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How do you Choose Child’s Furnishings?

How do you choose the right furnishings for your child’s luxury themed nursery or bedroom? It is important to find that balance between quality, functionality and style when designing your child’s bedroom or nursery. Following some simple guidelines will help make this process less of a challenge.

Choose Safety: the most important consideration as always is the safety of your child in their nursery or bedroom. Safety has its foundation in the skill of the craftsman and the quality of the materials used for your child’s furniture. The higher the skill of the craftsman and the higher the quality of the materials used, the greater, too, is the durability of the furniture. Opt for furniture with rounded edges as opposed to sharp corners, choose hardwood over softwood like pine as pine, which is commonly used in mass produced furniture splinters when damaged. Safety is important regardless of evolving personality – both the adventurous child and the quiet child need a safe room to grow up in. All the furnishings sold at The Baby Cot Shop are made from the highest quality materials by highly skilled craftsmen.

Growing up: your child’s luxury themed nursery or bedroom should grow with them as they grow up. This can inform the choices of furnishings that you make. Apart from your children outgrowing, for example, the size of the baby cot, your growing children will seek to express their evolving personalities through their own environment. This change in expression could be as simple as changing the soft furnishings, adding or modifying a wall mural to reflect more mature tastes or choosing classic designs instead of themed which allows gives the room a timeless quality.

Don’t be limited by Gender: Your child’s stylish room can be either gender-specific or gender-neutral. A gender-specific room can be reflected in the dominant colour choices and theme in the furnishings, for example, pink for girls and blue for boys is the traditional take on kids’ room designs. Not everyone, however, wants pink for their little girl. In selecting decorative accessories don’t allow traditional views to limit your choices. There are many girls’ room designs that utilise blue beautifully. You may want to go for a gender-neutral theme, for example, in another dominant colour choice or in a mix of contrasting colours such as black and white or green and yellow.

Space to breathe: Another important consideration is the size of the room. Your choices and layout of the room should be designed to maximise the available space without cramming too much in. For example, a bunk bed is an efficient way to manage physical space while providing ample sleeping area for overnight guests. Increase the space by having adequate storage which does not have to be bland. Children’s furniture should be stylish and imaginative yet functional; you typically get a fusion of these qualities in handcrafted furniture. Space in your child’s room is not merely the absence of furnishings rather it is an integral part of the interior design of the room itself. A cluttered room translates into mental clutter which children do not need.

Not Just a Bed: These days, bunk beds are no longer the basic style they used to be. You can now purchase beds that double as playcentres and even study areas. House style bunk beds have recently become popular. An under-bed trundle is another efficient way to accommodate friends. This is a guest bed that pulls out like a drawer from underneath the bed, it is crafted to blend in seamlessly and enhance the design of the bed. Although your child’s bed is the central furniture in their room, it can be complemented with a range of desired coordinating furnishings. Choose pieces that complement your home with regards to design and quality. All the luxury children’s beds at The Baby Cot Shop are made from select woods and are hand painted with lead-free, child-safe paint. They are high quality beds that your children truly can rely on.
Please visit The Baby Cot Shop for high quality luxury furnishings for your child’s nurseries and bedrooms.

The Baby Cot Shop
408 Kings Road
Chelsea, London
SW10 0LJ
0203 371 7530

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