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Home office happiness

I have recently been thinking about making my spare room into a full home office, with 2021 set to be an uncertain year with the COVID pandemic I want to think ahead and make sure I can work efficiently and without too many disruption and with MiniMe being a bit of a whirlwind I think taking myself away from the main home, it might makes things easier.

My first concern was “stuff” and what am I going to do with a room full of it, to turn this spare room (think dumping ground) into a peaceful work haven. I started thinking about self storage and finding something to fit my needs as I need something fully assessable, clean and safe. I found Now self storage in Newbury and they literally ticked every single box on my list, I really liked that you are the sole key holder and you can drive right up to your unit. You also only pay for the space you use.

When designing your home office, there are things you should consider:

Let there be light:

Lighting plays such an important part of your home office, not only will correct lighting inspire you and keep you awake, it will reduce eye strain boost productivity.

To illuminate your home office effectively, you’ll need to light it in layers.

Start by taking note of what light is currently available to you through windows and installed fixtures, including how the light is distribute and where are underlit areas in the room?

The light levels in the spaces where you will primarily be working, such as desks and reading chairs. Once you have an understanding of how your home office is currently lit, you can build a better lighting design from there using three simple steps:

Ambient lighting:

Also known as general lighting, ambient lighting is the light you use to enter a room and move around it safely. Typically, ambient lighting is primarily provided by ceiling and wall fixtures. It’s often the base layer you start with, and most rooms will come with at least one or two fixtures specifically for this task. However, when it comes to a home office, you’ll want to make sure the ambient light is providing a very even level of illumination

Task lighting: 

In any spot where you’ll be performing tasks like reading, writing, or computer work, you’ll want a good quality task lamp. Task lighting provides you with a bright, focused light that allows you to easily see the details of what you are doing without fatiguing your eyes.

Accent  lighting:

 Accent lighting accentuates important items and architectural details you want to highlight. Also perfect if you have any awards or certificates you want to display.

It’s getting hot in here:

Temperature is, in fact, massively important to office productivity. Working conditions too hot or too cold have been shown to have a significantly adverse effect on concentration and work performance. Studies have shown that working temperatures above 23 °C are likely to decrease productivity, furthermore at 30 °C and above your productivity drops to about 90% of its original capacity. In contrast, temperatures below 20 °C can increase employee error rate whilst also increasing the chances of employees getting sick, que a moment of sympathetic silence for Zuckerberg’s employees. Facebook is actually operating 1 °C under the UK Approved Code of Practice which suggests a minimum temperature of 16 °C. These are not, however, absolute legal requirements.

Because everyone reacts differently to varying levels of heat, there never will be a perfect office temperature. There is, however, a generally agreed consensus based upon a wide range of studies that points to an optimal temperature lying between 20 °C and 23 °C. In most offices this will no doubt remain contentious, so the best course of action is to choose a heating system which allows for the upmost flexibility.

Amazing Aesthetics

Neglected by most people, Art is much more powerful than merely a decorative element in a room. Every art is a story of the human experience, and when in a workplace, painting, sculpture or any other form or art can be a source of inspiration for both you and your clients or employers.

Quite frequently when we enter an office or workspace, we are instantly taken aback by the office space’s interior design and decorative choice.

Working pin a home office, designed with art which intrigues you, will push to stay motivated and spreads positive ambience though out the day.

Having a motivated mind and amazing art installed goes hand in hand.

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: January 4, 2021 | Posted in: INTERIORS

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