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Graceful Changes

Subscribing to sustainability: going green with Graceful Changes

Graceful Changes encourages families to think twice about buying baby clothes

Small, ethical and environmentally conscious, Graceful Changes is taking on the world of baby clothing, one bundle of joy at a time.

The company was established to help reduce waste and save parents time and money, the service offers tiered subscriptions, which see a delivery of all the clothes and wearable bits and bobs you need for your baby or toddler. What a fantastic idea!

Graceful Changes

The twist? Once you no longer need the pieces, you send them back for someone else to rent, drastically reducing the carbon footprint that would come from purchasing everything new, but also ensuring you don’t have drawers brimming with unused baby-gros!

For £30 a month (including postage), Graceful Changes members will receive everything they need to keep little one clothed, with essentials including vests and cardigans, leggings and onesies, offered up next to special occasion outfits and seasonal wear.

Catering from newborn up to 3 years, the signature package (£30) includes 15 items which can be chosen from the online inventory, meaning no need to compromise on what you want or need. Even better, when items are no longer required, due to those pesky middle of the night growth spurts, a new selection will be sent out and the old can just be returned, making sure you are never caught short (literally)!

Knowing that all parents and babies are different, for those that need just a little top up here and there, the Graceful Changes mini package offers 5 pieces of clothing for just £12.50 per month, with the ability to add additional items on for just £2 each. Gift cards are also available and make the perfect little presents.

Graceful Changes

Best of all, there is no minimum subscription, no membership fee and the monthly cost includes cover for wear and tear. Each bundle contains a selection of new and pre-loved items, but all in the great condition.

Sharing why she launched Graceful Changes, founder Josefa Buckland, says: “The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and is coming under increasing scrutiny. Our service aims to decrease the number of new items that need to be manufactured in the first place, helping to reduce textiles going to landfill.

Graceful Changes

At Graceful Changes we strive to makes sustainable and environmentally choices easier to help save a parents time and hassle. Our bundles are filled with all the things you could need, and when you don’t need them anymore, we welcome them back with open arms!”

Expertly curated, the clothing is all from parent-loved, organic brands such as Kite, Pigeon, Piccalilly, Toby Tiger, Frugi and Little Green Radicals. Inkeeping with the Graceful Changes ethos, brands stocked all comply with the highest ethical and environmental standards.

For more information on Graceful Changes visit www.gracefulchanges.co

Graceful Changes

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