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Fabulous Flooring


We are currently renovating our luxury lakeside lodge and wanted to share our flooring journey with you as it’s not been an easy decision as there are so many options available but in the end we decided on a solid wood floor as it’s worth every penny and looks amazing.

This type of floor can last a lifetime without having to be replaced. Real wood flooring also attracts less dust, allergens and mould than its alternates which is perfect for myself and Minime as we both suffer from asthma and allergies.

Solid wood flooring is popular and widely desired as it helps create a luxurious appeal to your home. Most solid wood flooring has a distinct look, mainly because the boards are usually random lengths which for me being quirky and designer led it was important to stand out.

solid hood flooring

Solid Hardwood Flooring is simply made from a solid piece of hardwood. The wood is cut straight from the tree trunk and it is nothing but hardwood. A homogeneous product from top to bottom and side to side and then made into a plank of flooring by a machine. In comparison to other Wood Flooring, nothing quite feels like real, solid wood flooring. It is sturdy, feels significant under foot and it maintains its value. This means solid Wood Flooring is also suitable for areas of very high traffic because it is generally thicker than engineered wood flooring, it can be re-sanded many times during its lifetime.

We used the wonderful Flooring365 and they helped us decide on the tongue and groove fitting system as it is the most traditional and well-established method of installation.

Variety is the spice of life!

Solid Wood Flooring is available in a huge variety of different wood species that vary in colour, grain, pattern, strength and cost. You will be able to find Solid Wood Flooring with different species of wood, varying plank sizes and a choice of finish or you could opt for unfinished solid wood flooring.

Wood Species refers to the type of wood – oak, maple etc and the wood flooring falls into either domestic or exotic species. Domestic species, such as oak, maple, or beech tend to be cheaper and have milder colouring.

Exotic hardwood flooring, anything Brazilian, may have dramatically contrasting colours and be harder woods.

With a plethora of colours to match any interior design requirements, you have options of natural oak, light grey oak, solid smoked oak, solid coffee oak, American black walnut and a gorgeous solid white oak.

Why choose Flooring365-? Price, quality and free samples!

Flooring365 provide free wood samples on their flooring ranges, including their amazing solid wood floors.

Sometimes, you need to see your wood floor in person to make your decision, which is why they offer one of the largest ranges of floor samples available.

Flooring365 says:

“We love wood flooring. The natural variations in the wood create stunning designs, natural-looking floors and beautiful spaces, but these natural variations need to be seen to be fully appreciated. Photos can only show you so much of a wooden floor; it’s when you see it in person that you really understand the richness in colour, texture and pattern that each wood floor offers.

It’s why we offer free floor samples on every single one of our products. It doesn’t just enable you to appreciate the depth and colour of each floor before you buy, but it also allows you to view the floor in the lighting and environment of your own home. You can see how the flooring matches your furnishings or decor, and how it behaves in the unique lighting of your space.

Our free samples let you make a fully informed decision, minimising fuss and maximising satisfaction.”

solid wood flooring

You cam view all products on their site https://flooring365.co.uk/

*This is a collaborative post*

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: October 7, 2020 | Posted in: INTERIORS

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