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Demand the Impossible

Barn of Monkeys

The fashion brand Barn of Monkeys are moved by the drive of discovering new things. “We struggle to reach for the impossible and to find who else shares our hunger for the unreachable!”

Demand the Impossible is a throwback from one of Jules Verne’s most celebrated novels – Around the World in 80 Days – one of his many stories from les Voyages Extraordinaires. The storyline is about Phileas Fogg, a rich English man living in London, who engaged in a journey around the globe in order to win a wager of £20.000 from his fellow members of the Reform Club.

Sophisticated and minimalistic, Demand the Impossible focuses on three primary stages: the first while flying, the second while sailing and a third while travelling on ground. The collection shares this itinerary, using a carefully thought palette of colours inspired on each stage of the journey: earth, sea and air. As we travel across the sky and seas, we stumble upon the immensity of tones of blue that, at the end of the day, set on a beautiful palette of rose and yellow. Orange, yellowish green and earthy tones, blend together to create harmony out of an exciting and a sophisticated collection.

And just like Man seems to have a special ability to adapt to new environments while travelling, some of Demand the Impossible’s key items are versatile to the point of flattering both genders. After several brainstorms, the monkeys decided it would be best to develop a kind of neutral design in which both boys and girls would feel comfortable and attuned, without overlooking a few girlish and boyish designs as well. The goal is solve everyday life family issues, while trying to increase the apparels’ life span and usability, creating the ritual of sharing special garments amongst children aged 2 to 16, passing them from brothers to sisters.

“Because, in the end, all we really want to do is to tell stories through fashion with a touch of make-believe that will drive minds through the non-existing boundaries of imagination!”

Contact at: hello@barnofmonkeys.com

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: February 19, 2018 | Posted in: FASHION, MINI ME

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