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Dating nerds

dating nerds

Those who game together, stay together.

UK internet use more than doubled in 2020, as people stayed home during the coronavirus pandemic. On Boxing Day a record 210 petabytes was used states Open-reach, which runs much of the UK’s broadband network.

With the average person spending 144 minutes on a screen each day, there is no excuse for you to not find love on line. Geek dating is the way forward, spend time with likeminded people who enjoy gaming as much as you do.

Couples that game together- stay together and that’s true! Having similar interests is proven to help create long term relationships, no longer is one person spending time on solitary gaming- you can enjoy it together whether that be in person after lockdown or duelling each other on line.

The term gamer is a person who plays interactive games, especially video games like Minecraft, Fortnight and grand theft auto, who usually plays long periods of time. Originally thought of as a hobby, it has evolved into a profession for some people who make a very good living from it.

Although video gaming is typically considered a male pastime, research has shown that nearly as many women are regular players, perhaps even more than men. A recent study done by the Pew Research Center found that more women than men own gaming consoles. With so many people of both genders playing, there’s plenty of opportunity for romance to spark.

With plenty of  Dating app for nerds so you don’t have to feel out of your depth when searching for online love, they have been specially developed for people who are used to spending lots of time online gaming, but perhaps not looking for friendship or a potential partner.

The beauty of striking up a conversation with someone who already shares the same interest as you, takes away a lot of the hard work trying to find similar things you both enjoy. You can spend the time getting to know what consoles and games you both like and there is bound to be some lots to talk about. You can share tips, tricks and secret codes to help each other along the way.

Think outside the box when it comes to online dating ideas, although you might prefer and be very good at one game, get outside of your comfort zone and pick a game out of a hat that neither one has played and challenge each other.

If you are really into shooting games, suggest racing games so you don’t have an unfair advantage and visa-versa.

Whilst it’s perhaps easier with the familiarity of sitting behind a screen, think about the things you would both like to do outside of lockdown.

There are some fantastic ideas like the National Videogame Museum in Sheffield where you can explore how video games are made, who makes them and even how they are made. You can play them and make them during your visit and attend workshops- perfect first date day out.

Lockdown is a perfect time to invest time in trying to find the perfect online partner, you can have virtual online dates and enjoy each other’s company via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype. 


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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: January 28, 2021 | Posted in: MAMA

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