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Creative Christmas

Creative Christmas

I am new to crafting but I must say I am thoroughly enjoying it, and it makes me feel extremely proud seeing my creations. I have found it very therapeutic and through lockdown it has been a great way to fill my day with something so productive

I’m enjoying spending extra quality time with Minime thinking about new projects and undertaking them and he is enjoying the extra one to one “mummy and me” time. He loves looking at the design bundles website and choosing his next mission!

Crafting doesn’t have to be super complicated and you can build up the complexity of projects. I came across design bundles which house everything under one roof! They provide affordable digital products such as graphics, templates, mock ups, patterns, illustrations and craft files. 

I downloaded several of the Merry Christmas svg collection and it provided me with endless opportunities, you can create papercraft, vinyl decal, hand painted decorations and more! 

My favourite Christmas items were:

  • Christmas Elf toy kit SVG cut files- certificate of adoption
  • Christmas printables, collage sheets with Santa
  • Cute sticker set for Christmas crafters
  • Beige advent calendar countdown Christmas printable PDF file
  • Advent calendar red with light bulbs printable PDF file
  • Subliminal textures bundle- digital paper PNG
  • Christmas holly monogram and split alphabet duo
  • Christmas bundle
  • Christmas grumpy cat graphics and illustrations
  • Christmas SVG cutting files with Santa
  • Christmas symbols font
  • Christmas rules SVG
  • Christmas bundle, vector cliparts and seamless patterns
  • Christmas bundle, SVG quotes bundle with vector elements

Creative Christmas

I am slowly growing my crafters kit, but it is still very simple with:

  • An assortment of scissors
  • Coloured card
  • High quality printing paper 
  • PVA glue
  • Hot glue gun with lots of spare cartridges
  • Fabric glue- perfect when dealing with ribbons
  • Super glue- for when nothing else will work!
  • Sellotape, double sided tape and sticky dots
  • Glitter, glitter glue, glitter powder and anything else glitter related I can lay my hands on
  • An assortment of stickers, foam shapes, pipe cleaners and bits ‘n’ bobs

Creative Christmas

Using design bundles is super easy, you search the site and chose what you want and download it directly to your device. I downloaded mine to two different devices and I was surprised how quickly they downloaded. The ones I chose came in different available formats such as PNG, PDF etc. 

It took me a while to figure out how to get the images to the size I wanted and personally I found it easier on my laptop rather than the iPad but that’s probably down to me being more familiar with my laptop setup.

What I found great was the amazing help centre which gives you lots of advice and has android, IOS, Mac and PC options it covers almost every question you could possibly have. There is a great online community forum who are support staff, designers and fellow customers, who are there to guide, support and inspire you. As a new crafter I found the online community to be a great help. 

Using my crafting kit and some accessories from Hobbycraft, I set to work creating some mini advent calendar pillows using a cut out template from design bundles. I experimented using several types of glue but found that PVA was the most successful to stick the paper cut-out and also the ribbon and wooden Merry Christmas decal, there are a huge selection of decal’s available on design bundles.

Here are my creations below:

I created some cool Christmas cards by using a card cutout template and adding some coloured paper to the inside of the cut-out to give it some colour. To do this you can either use coloured card, paper or download a selection of Christmas paper printables from design bundles as I did- you can get a plethora of colours and designs to suit every taste.

The amount of choice of Christmas posters is astounding, whatever your décor at home you can find something to complement it, from uber chic monogrammed initials to cute Christmas scenes and my personal favourite which was “Christmas brings us together poster” which I think at the moment is very relevant with the current pandemic and the ability to mix households at Christmas, for some families this is the first time they have seen their loved ones in nine months.

My favourite crafting project was creating beautifully wrapped presents for decorations, these are perfect to pop under the tree or the smaller pocket sized ones can be used as a Christmas tree decoration. I used paper printables, wooden decals, a selection of ribbons and decorative bells to add an special extra festive touch.

Everyone who has seen my present style decorations have fallen in love with them and knowing that I am not an experienced crafter they have said they are going to try and make them at home. There Is no excuse now for shoddy wrapping under my tree and I am looking forward to creating more Christmas goodies.



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