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Best Festive Décor this Christmas

Christmas decor

Create Your Best Festive Décor Ever This Christmas!

Decorations are pretty much the one of biggest thing the festive season brings. Well, that is besides sharing good times with family and being grateful for the year you’ve had.  While decorating the tree can look like a lot of work, it is not as stressful as you’d imagine. I always enjoy the process of getting things done when I start to design and decorate the Christmas tree. I allow my mind to imagine things creatively. This helps me to bring a balance about how I want things to look. 

Cutting Some Christmas Costs

Sometimes, I like to go old-school but I also do like the modern and chic look too. I picture how my home would look first before going to the shops or looking online for ideas.

I then draft a budget and cut lots of costs before heading out to purchase or ordering Christmas decorations online. This has helped me to save a lot more money during the festive season. So, instead of buying spontaneously, I go to the stops with a mental and physical note of how I want my lights to look- and the colour scheme my Christmas tree should have.

Detailed preparation would help you show the number of Christmas light strings you’ll need for your tree and for the room. After your breeze through the store, then you can enjoy designing where they will be hung.

Go All The Way with Creativity!

While I have my own personal taste, you can of course choose to pick between a natural or an artificial tree. Some people prefer the latter because they are more durable. Besides, they can always be reused if you store them well enough. On the other hand, some others choose the ambiance that they feel comes with a real tree. I will always advise that you should consider the size of your home to determine the size of tree you are getting, whether it is artificial or natural.

Your Tree Should Be Your Focus

I just love the Christmas tree. So, whether I am going for a modest or flashy design, I must first make sure that I fall in love with my tree. Afterwards, I can then begin to process the beautiful decorations that I am going to use. For an artificial tree, I suggest that you ensure that there is enough space between its branches. When it is too clogged up, it can start to look a bit tacky. 


Throw in some light- your tree needs it!

This is one of the many points in your Christmas decorating journey when you’ll realise how important planning is. Artificial trees, for instance, come in two versions- the standard version (with no lights) and the lit version (with pre-installed lights in the branches). But some people might still want to include their owns lights as well. You should analyse the pros and cons of LED and incandescent bulbs before picking either as your lights. The most popular downside to incandescent bulbs (besides that they are old-fashioned) is that they get hot while in use. This shows that they consume a lot of energy. I usually turn away from these due to the high cost of keeping them running.


Let Nature into the room

Sometimes, I wish that we could all just go to the Neolithic Age where we sat in caves and watched the stars above. But, if these wishes were horses, then there would be no more flights. And you wouldn’t like that, would you?

Indeed, one of the best ways to enjoy your festive décor is to infuse nature into it. While you may want to go modern, you can still drop some nature-inspired items into the middle of it all. There are a lot of things you can do. You can go for pine cones, wreaths and garlands or small wooden ornaments.

Whatever decision you make, make sure that they bring you joy!

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: December 13, 2021 | Posted in: INTERIORS

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